Twix Halloween Ad Celebrates Holiday With Cross-Dressing Child

A new Halloween ad from candy company Twix seems to promote cross-dressing on the part of children, depicting a young boy who likes wearing a ‘princess’ dress.

The ad, released earlier this week, features a ‘witch’ babysitter tasked with watching over a young boy who has taken to cross-dressing. The laughably (if it weren’t quite sad) politically correct ad features the witch casting a spell on one of the boy’s peers who encourages him to to wear a costume that aligns with his own gender identity.

The stalwart Libs of Tik Tok account brought attention to the distasteful and insufferable ad on Wednesday.

The ad seems to raise the question of fanatic-liberals potentially coercing young boys into wearing Halloween costumes intended for girls in hopes of making a political statement, potentially receiving brownie points from their progressive neighbors for raising the most ‘tolerant’ child on the block.

The ad appears to be genuinely sponsored by Twix, a subsidiary of the Mars Inc. candy company.

Amazon listings indicate that some of the most popular Halloween costumes for young boys include superheroes, (male) Jedi knights, firefighters and other masculine-oriented costumes. Young girls tend to gravitate towards costumes and ideas associated with feminine characters such as princesses, in what tends to amount to a disappointment to woke cultists who believe biological genders are meaningless.

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