Two Academics Receive $1 Million Handout To Use Anti-White Studies In the Classics

The Mellon Foundation granted $1 million in funds to Brown University Professor Sasha-Mae Eccleston and Princeton Professor Dan-el Peralta to apply critical race theory to the classics. This is part of the professors’ “Racing the Classics” fellowship.

In effect, cultural leftists are trying to insert anti-white tropes into classical education. 

Previously, there was a campaign at Brown to take down 

Greek and Roman statues on campus because of their alleged representation of white supremacy. Activists described their campaign as “one step in a broader project of decolonization by confronting Brown’s institutional and ideological legacies of colonialism and white supremacy.”

The aforementioned fellowship program is set to commence in 2025. The program continues a project the two kicked off with a conference back in 2017.

“The inaugural event invited participants to unabashedly center race and ethnicity in their research in order to counter the dangerously universalizing pretensions of ‘Western Civilization’ and other white supremacist ideologies suffusing the academy,” a description highlighted.

It is the latest segment of their scholarship to investigate race and the classics. Princeton announced that the new program will be a

 “multi-year fellowship program designed to mentor graduate students and early career researchers of the ancient Mediterranean as they center critical race studies in their scholarship and teaching.”

The professors stated that their work is important, particularly in an epoch of alleged “multi-pronged and multi-dimensional assaults against racialized communities, and on the teaching of race and settler-colonialism.”

Princeton President Christopher Eisgruber has personally endorsed the project. “The proposed program will transform the study of classics in significant ways and build a sustainable community of scholars committed to inclusive and collaborative scholarship,” the president stated.

The university’s classics department scrapped the Greek and Latin mandate from the major to fight “systemic racism.”

“By providing scholars from historically minoritized groups and those committed to the project’s priorities with the support of a community, Racing the Classics aims to contribute to the demographic transformation of the professoriate in classics,” the Princeton news release highlighted.

The infusion of anti-white ideology into the classics is just another way anti-white radicals are trying to poison every facet of American life. Hopefully, right-wing students make some noise to expose these whacky schemes.

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