Two North Carolina Men Charged With Drugging, Raping Woman Who Later Died in Miami Beach

Two men from Greensboro, North Carolina have been charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman who was later found dead. The alleged assault took place in Miami, Florida, which was witnessed scenes of riotous spring break gatherings over the weekend.

21-year Evoire Collier and 24-year old Dorian Taylor are accused of taking 24-year old Christine Englehardt to her hotel room after drugging her with a green pill they claim was the painkiller percocet.

“[Taylor] was holding her from behind, holding her by the neck so she could stand,” Miami Beach Detective Luis Alsina testified during a bond hearing on Monday, indicating that Englehardt was in no capacity to consent to sex.

The fact that the victim was under the influence of alcohol and narcotics, she could not have consented to sex with the defendants,” states a police report detailing the arrests. Police allege that both men later forced themselves on the victim in her hotel room. They went on to allegedly steal credit cards and cash from the victim before leaving her in an incapacitated state, and she was found dead in the hotel room by first responders the next day.

Police would go on to apprehend Collier at a spring break event on Saturday, utilizing surveillance camera footage from the Albion Hotel. The Greensboro man reportedly went on to confess to drugging the young woman, who had traveled from Pennsylvania to Florida for spring break.

Collier and Taylor are both facing charges of burglary with battery, petty theft, sexual battery and credit card fraud. Both men have been denied bond, with a judge acknowledging arguments that they pose a flight risk and citing the seriousness of the criminal charges. Law enforcement is considering charging the two with either manslaughter or murder, pending toxicology tests to determine if the substance they drugged Englehardt with resulted in her death.

The two men are scheduled to be arraigned in three weeks.

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