Two Transgender Substitute Teachers are Busted for Prostitution

Two Tennessee transgender substitute teachers recently received citations for prostitution after Chattanooga Police Narcotics and Vice Detectives conducted an undercover sting.

Ezra Fry and David Acevedo, who are both Special Education instructors at Woodmore Elementary and Calvin Donaldson Elementary, were busted for using “an illicit prostitution website” in August by an officer using the fake name of “John,” the police report recounted, per WTVC. Fry said to law enforcement that she has been engaging in this activity “for several years as a way to earn extra money.”

Fry revealed to the undercover officer  that her prostitution services ran around $150 after explaining what she was willing and unwilling to do, per the report. The outlet noted that the suspect often went to her clients’ homes as part of her services. However, she suggested that “John” come over to her house due to how he was a new client and “because [her] husband is here.”

Fry invited the undercover officer to her bedroom and took his money after she arrived, the report highlighted. Fry and her husband were eventually detained by the undercover police officer and his agents as soon as he announced that he was actually a law enforcement official.

“I don’t care, everyone has seen my [private parts],” Fry said to an officer.

Police also discovered “a large amount of drug paraphernalia” and a .22 caliber revolver at the couple’s home. The suspects “both made statements during and after the search to include both stating that ‘they have to do this or they will starve,’” per the report.

Fry and Acevedo received misdemeanor citations for unlawful drug paraphernalia, prostitution or the promotion of prostitution, illegal possession of a firearm and simple possession, per the outlet. Hamilton County Schools Spokesman Steve Doremus noted that Fry has now worked as a substitute teacher in Hamilton County since late August.

With the proliferation of transgenders being involved in the education sector and the normalization of sexually deviant behavior in public, this incident that took place in Chattanooga will look like a walk in the park. 

Social decadence has been fully embraced by elites and it’s infecting every part of American society. Unless there is a traditionalist push back against this behavior, one can only expect the US to continue descending into further degeneracy.

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