Two White Men Face 20 Years in Prison for Chasing Off Marauding Black Thugs Trespassing on Their Property

Two white men in Mississippi face 20 years in prison after marauding black thugs were riding an ATV on their property and they had to confront them with firearms.

48-year-old Wade Oscar Twiner and his 22-year-old son Lane Twiner were arrested last month and each charged on three counts of aggravated assault. They could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted on the charges, as white people can no longer defend their property in diversity-occupied America. They are currently out on bail.

They are accused of shooting a firearm while dealing with the black thugs on their land. The Yazoo County Sheriff’s Office is currently combing through their social media posts looking for ways to demonize them heading into trial. The county sheriff made it clear that another racial railroading is underway here, as white lives no longer matter in multicultural America.

“Wade Oscar Twiner and his son, Lane Twiner, pursued them and tried to stop them and to shoot them and bump them with the four-wheeler, so they were charged with aggravated assault,” Yazoo County Sheriff Jacob Sheriff said.

“We’re still looking at some things on that to see if we can establish a hate crime or not. We’ve got to get with the DA and look at the statutes to say whether that would be a hate crime or not,” he added.

After the violent Black Lives Matter terrorist uprising that has destroyed cities nationwide, government officials have jettisoned the rule of law and replaced it with rule by mob due to either complicity or cowardice.

Big League Politics reported on another man named Jake Gardner, who killed a black terrorist in self-defense near his Omar bar. Gardner committed suicide after being slapped with insane charges by a black special prosecutor appointed to crucify the man regardless of the evidence:

A Nebraska small business owner and Marine Corps veteran has committed suicide after being charged with manslaughter, stemming from an incident in which he fired a weapon on a violent criminal rioter who attacked him on camera.

38-year old Jake Gardner shot and killed Black Lives Matter rioter and 22-year old James Scurlock, who attacked his father outside of Gardner’s bar in Omaha, Nebraska in July. Gardner went on to brandish a gun at Scurlock and a riotous mob in response to their violent behavior, and the group of men attacked him. After firing two warning shots at the rioters as the attacked and shoved him to the ground, Gardner shot Scurlock, who declined to relent in his violent behavior.

Eyewitness accounts of Gardner’s interaction with Scurlock suggest it was a textbook case of self-defense. Watch video of the interaction and decide for yourself.

Prosecutors who investigated the incident originally declined to charge Gardner, recognizing that the case appeared to be an example of textbook self defense. After leftist and Black Lives Matter activists placed “intense pressure” upon Douglas County Attorney Donald Kleine, he relented to an external review of the incident overseen by a federal prosecutor. A federal judge issued a warrant for Gardner’s arrest on Friday, on charges of manslaughter, attempted assault, and terroristic threats.

Gardner had been supposedly planning to turn himself into Omaha Police on Monday, but a friend of Gardner reportedly confirmed to the Gateway Pundit that the 38-year old man committed suicide over the weekend.

The systemic anti-white racism is progressing to genocidal levels with defense of property no longer being permissible while white in America.

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