TX Gov. Greg Abbott Caves Like a Cheap Suit to Far Left Tyrants in Left Wing Cities to Implement Mask Mandate

Brandon Waltens of Texas Scorecard reported that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is now giving in to pressure from local government officials.

Originally, Abbott was firmly opposed to a statewide mask mandate. On the other hand, local governments made a fuss about establishing mask mandates by issuing threats of jail time and implementing fines for noncompliance.

However, things changed on June 16, 2020.

Eight mayors sent a letter to Abbott begging him to grant them the power to levy penalties on those who refuse to wear masks.

Waltens offered a list of the mayors who signed the letter:

Among those who signed the letter were:

Houston’s Sylvester Turner, Austin’s Steve Adler, San Antonio’s Ron Nirenberg, Dallas’ Eric Johnson, Fort Worth’s Betsy Price, El Paso’s Dee Margo, Arlington’s Jeff Williams, Plano’s Harry LaRosiliere, and Grand Prairie’s Ron Jensen.

On June 17,  Democrat Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff made an attempt to circumvent Abbott’s restriction by issuing an executive order mandating that businesses implement mask-wearing requirements for customers and employees. Not complying with this would be accompanied with a fine of $1,000 for each incident.

“The action I’m taking today may be pushing the legal bounds a little bit, but our attorneys believe they can defend this order in court,” Wolff said after he issued the order.

In light of this, Abbott insists that the loophole doesn’t butt heads with his executive order. He even suggested that the tactic was already meant to be available to governments.

During an interview with KWTX News in Waco, Abbott stated that there had been “a plan in place all along” and that “the county judge in Bexar County had finally figured that out.”

Although Abbott sustained that governments cannot mandate individuals to wear masks, he ended up changing his tune by noting that “local governments can require stores and businesses to require masks.”

“Now local officials are just now realizing that that was authorized,” he continued.

By conceding ground on Bexar County’s mask mandate, countless other cities and counties controlled by Democrats will likely follow suit.

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