Ty Cobb Takes On The Neocons

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President Donald Trump is bringing in Washington super-lawyer Ty Cobb to run defense inside the White House on the “Russia” investigations. Cobb, who is related to the first-ever Baseball Hall of Famer, worked on the other side of the aisle when U.S. officials had to lawyer up during the Clinton administration. But he’s not a partisan and his ability to get the job done is prized by the Trump White House.


Cobb brings some stability and unity to the pro-Trump legal effort, which is already getting its wires mixed up. Son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka retained the services of major Hillary Clinton supporter Jamie Gorelicka partner at WilmerHale, where Robert Mueller served as partner until May, when he signed on to become the government’s special counsel in the “Russia” case. Gorelick was the one who conveniently disclosed Kushner and Don Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney in Trump Tower (after Kushner previously did not disclose it). In other words, Gorelick outed Don Jr.’s meeting.

On Friday, news came in that Gorelick is “stepping back” on the case. She is handing over duties to Kushner’s other lawyer Abbe Lowell.

Now, Cobb can consolidate the Trump defense efforts inside the White House, while Jay Sekulow and Trump’s outside lawyers hammer away at other aspects of the case.

It is becoming increasingly clear in Washington that the Deep State has been trying to set up Trump on the “Russia” issue for a very long time now. The Russian lawyer who met with Don Jr. and Kushner in Trump Tower was allowed into the country to work a case opposite the Department of Justice lawyer Preet Bharara, a major Trump critic who is on Mueller’s team in the Russia case. This, insiders believe, could prove to be the monumental conflict-of-interest that gets Bharara bumped from the Russia case and undermines Mueller’s entire team right out of the gate.

Mueller’s team is staffed with former Hillary Clinton attorneys and Democratic donors.

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