TYRANNY: McCloskey’s AR-15 Seized After St. Louis Police Execute Search Warrant on Couple’s House

Saint Louis police executed a search warrant at the home of the McCloskeys, an area couple that became the target of national attention after defending their property from a mob of trespassing Black Lives Matter rioters while armed.

Mark McCloskey confirmed with Todd Starnes that the police confiscated the AR-15 rifle he used during the heated confrontation with the trespassing rioters, although the couple hasn’t been charged with any crime. Left-wing Soros-funded Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner has vowed to punish the couple in some capacity for daring to stand against the political intimidation of the Black Lives Matter mob, who have been wrongly identified as peaceful protestors.

We complied with the search warrant. They took my AR,” Mark McCloskey told Todd Starnes. “I’m absolutely surprised by this.

It’s totally unclear on what legal grounds the Saint Louis police confiscated the couple’s rifle, considering they have not been charged or convicted of any crimes for the standoff, which ended peacefully after the couple did little more than stand on their own property and urge rioters to disperse.

The Black Lives Matter rioters have returned to the area of the McCloskey residence to engage in political intimidation since the original confrontation, and the street riot movement may now be emboldened to know that the couple has been disarmed on seemingly arbitrary grounds by the Saint Louis police.

However, it doesn’t seem there’s anything to stop the McCloskeys from merely acquiring a new rifle in the wake of the constitutionally dubious gun seizure.

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