U.S. Chamber of Commerce Betrays President Trump’s GOP, Plans to Endorse Many Democrats This Year

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is turning its back on the Republican Party with President Trump as GOP figurehead and is increasingly backing Democrats, as the blue team becomes the establishment party for globalism and corporate dominance.

The Chamber is getting ready to endorse nearly a dozen House Democrats for re-election to U.S. Congress, as they use their lobbying muscle to re-fortify the Washington D.C. swamp. Some of the group’s conservatives donors are reportedly enraged as a result.

Chamber President Suzanne Clark, Chief Executive Officer Tom Donahue and Executive Vice President Neil Bradley hope that their hand-picked slate of candidate endorsements will be approved on Thursday at a committee meeting. As a result of this betrayal, donors are threatening to pull their money and board members are expected to quit the organization entirely.

State Chamber of Oklahoma President Chad Warmington voiced his opposition to the U.S. Chamber’s anticipated endorsement of Rep. Kendra Horn, whose seat could easily flip red this year, in a letter.

“I question how the U.S. Chamber could endorse a candidate who consistently voted against the largest industry in Oklahoma, employing over 90,000 workers throughout the state. That is hardly a pro-business record. I am also concerned the U.S. Chamber would endorse a congresswoman that voted in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats who are not pro-business nearly 90 percent of the time,” Warmington wrote.

“I don’t believe an endorsement of Congresswoman Horn is warranted at this time and certainly not justifiable based on the current record of consequential votes impacting Oklahoma businesses,” he added.

Big League Politics has reported frequently on the U.S. Chamber being one of the most powerful interests lobbying to subvert President Trump’s “America First” trade and immigration policies:

President Donald Trump is angry at the Chamber of Commerce for putting its lobbying weight against his ‘America First’ policies on trade and immigration.

Trump called into CNBC today to bash the Chamber and even threaten to revoke his long-time membership to the organization.

“I’m a member of the U.S. Chamber,” Trump said. “Maybe I’ll have to rethink that, because when you look at it, the chamber is probably more for the companies and the people that are members than they are for our country.”

Trump’s remarks come after Myron Brilliant, who works as the Chamber’s head of international affairs, criticized Trump’s “weaponization of tariffs” earlier in the day. The Chamber is an organization that supports corporate trade deals like NAFTA and the TPP.

“The weaponization of tariffs — the increase of threats on our economy, on our farmers, our manufacturers, our consumers — is going to hurt our country. It also creates uncertainty with our trading partners,” Brilliant said.

“The world is watching,” Brilliant added.

Trump is appalled by this establishment GOP organization’s lack of support for the progress that his nationalist approach is making in solving problems.

“I just want to say to the United States Chamber of Commerce, if we didn’t have tariffs, we wouldn’t have made a deal with Mexico,” Trump said.

It is not just Trump’s trade agenda in which the Chamber of Commerce is staunchly opposed. They also support amnesty for illegal aliens and oppose Trump’s border wall.

“We commend the members of the House who voted to pass the American Dream and Promise Act, and we look forward to working with the Senate as it continues to address the issue of immigration reform. It is critical for both parties in both houses of Congress to come together on a path forward on immigration reform legislation,” U.S. Chamber Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley said in a press release after the DREAM Act was passed by Congress last week.

The Chamber also claimed that “a wall dividing the U.S. and Mexico would hardly solve all our immigration problems” in a 2015 article criticizing Trump while he was on the campaign trail.

The rise of Trump has smoked out Fifth Column on the Right, like the U.S. Chamber and the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity. These traitors must never be allowed to masquerade as conservatives ever again.

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