U.S. House Candidate Carl Paladino Will Sue New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Over Unconstitutional Gun Control

U.S. Congressional candidate Carl Paladino is initiating a lawsuit against New York Governor Kathy Hochul over gun control measures she recently signed into law.

Paladino made the announcement on Tuesday that he will be suing Hochul to defend the 2nd Amendment and stop New York Democrats from making the state less safe and empowering criminals further.

“While New Yorkers were celebrating Independence Day, Hochul and Albany Democrats decided to undermine your freedom, attacking your Second Amendment rights once again. While crime skyrockets out of control in New York State, Democrats have decided to demoralize the police, and let dangerous criminals out of jail, many of whom have obtained firearms illegally. I will not tolerate this,” he said in a public statement.

“I am going to sue Hochul and the far-left Democrats in the New York Legislature on behalf of the people of Western New York and the Southern Tier. I have retained legal counsel and we are currently exploring a multitude of options that will expose this tyrannical power grab from Albany for what it is: a stain on our Constitution. I will always defend the Second Amendment rights of all New Yorkers,” Paladino added.

Paladino’s campaign press release can be seen here:

Hochul signed a law banning firearms in many public places across New York last week. This includes bars, museums, casinos, stadiums, polling places, parks, the subway and theaters. These will now be soft targets for potential mass shooters because of Hochul’s illegal and irresponsible measure unless the courts strike the measure down.

“If I had a license to carry, I would want to carry in the subway,” said former NYPD detective Michael Alcazar, who now works as an adjunct professor for John Jay College.

“It seems like she’s more concerned about law-abiding citizens and limiting their carry options, the locations,” he added. “She doesn’t want guns in the subway, she doesn’t want guns in Times Square, so law-abiding citizens won’t carry the guns, but then the bad guys will be carrying the guns.”

The measure was passed to flout a Supreme Court decision issued last month that struck down New York’s onerous restrictions on concealed carry permits. Hochul also signed a measure that would make the lawful buying of handguns contingent on an individual submitting their social media history to authorities, so individuals deemed guilty of wrongthink by the state could be denied their fundamental rights.

Paladino is doing what he can to make sure that Hochul’s intolerable acts are overturned through the courts. He is the right choice for New York’s new 23rd Congressional district.

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