U.S. Lifts Restrictions on Blood Donations from Gay Men During the Wuhan Virus Pandemic

American regulators relaxed restrictions that greatly limit blood donations by homosexual men as supplies are starting to become scarce during the Wuhan Virus pandemic.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released modified guidelines on Marc 26, 2020 that would allow homosexual men to donate blood after avoiding sexual activity for three months instead of a year. The FDA cited the experiences of other countries such as the U.K. which have a three-month deferral and improved testing propelled the agency to change its policies.

Elected officials have pushed the FDA to allow homosexuals to donate blood in recent weeks in the wake of the Wuhan Virus’ pressure on the blood supply.

In addition, the modified guidelines let individuals who recently got tattoos or piercings to donate blood after waiting three months instead of 12 years. Similarly, former sex workers and injection drug users are allowed to donate following a three-month deferral. Previously, former sex workers and injection drug users weren’t permitted to donate blood.

During the Wuhan Virus crisis several deregulation schemes such as the declaration of gun stores as an “essential business” and the lifting of restrictions on out-of-state doctors practicing medicine in other states have been carried out.

Many policymakers are starting to recognize how overly-bureaucratic the U.S. has become and are beginning to take sensible actions to deregulate economic and medical activities.

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