U.S. Military Went Woke And Now Faces ‘Unprecedented’ Recruiting Crisis Under Biden

The U.S. Military under President Joe Biden’s leadership is facing a massive recruiting crisis. Turns out most able-bodied men do not want to serve their country when they are being told that whiteness is the root of all evil and pronouns are more important than training.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. Army officials said this week that they will be “10,000 recruits short this year” – which are “unprecedented” numbers. Next year is projected to be even worse.

Army General Joseph Martin even indicated that the Army could be down to 445,000 soldiers by the end of next year. Which is 31,000 less than what the military branch was hoping for by the end of this year.

Factors that have contributed to these abysmal recruiting numbers include wokeness, the lowering of standards, and other politically correct themes. “The answer is NOT lower standards; quality must be paramount,” Dr. Mark T. Esper, Secretary of Defense during the Trump administration, wrote on Twitter.

“Rather, we need a sustained effort by America’s leaders to inspire our youth to serve. … This is a growing national security issue!” he added.

“Maybe it’s better having a country that inspires patriots to defend it, rather than one that makes them want to throw up,” national security expert Dave Reaboi tweeted.

Political strategist Arthur Schwartz responded to the AP report by saying: “More pronouns, less recruits.”

Since Biden took office, the U.S. military has increasingly morphed into an LGBTQ propaganda machine that has discouraged many candidates during the recruiting process. These would-be strong candidates did not like the Army’s LGBTQ animated ad that showed a girl with two moms. Just like how they were put off by the President’s transgender four-star Admiral Rachel Levine.

They were also quick to notice all of the virtue signaling from this year’s Pride Month, where each branch of the military showcased their devotion to wokeness and progressivism on social media. As many users rightfully pointed out online; China is laughing at us.

“We are the best #USAF by leveraging the diverse backgrounds & strengths of each member of our total force. We are committed to making the #AirForce a place where all can reach their full potential. #PRIDE” the U.S. Air Force tweeted.

The United States Space Force announced that it is working to “change policy, change minds, and create opportunities for LGBTQ+ members of the military” in their Pride tweet.

And even the U.S. Marines chimed in to honor the contributions of LGBTQ service members by showing off a helmet containing rainbow-colored bullets.

Our military has gone woke, and now our recruitment numbers are hurting because of all the virtue signaling and political correctness. On top of that, our current military is attracting all the wrong candidates.

Intentional or incompetence, this is all turning into a serious national security issue that Biden is ignoring and the media could not care less about.

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