U.S. National Guard Members are Stuck with COVID-19 Vaccine Against Their Will in Alleged Mix-up

A group of U.S. National Guard members were stuck against their will with the COVID-19 vaccine in what is being called by military brass as an accidental mix-up.

A mobile vaccination clinic for the Maine National Guard stuck guardsmen with the COVID-19 vaccine under the pretenses that these individuals were receiving regular flu vaccines. At least one individual who rejected the mRNA vaccine with a religious exemption was stuck with the experimental jab against their will.

This individual, Mathew Bouchard, departed from the National Guard after the incident as it destroyed his faith in the military as an institution. He explained what happened during an interview with The Epoch Times.

‘You know how you went in for the flu shot? Well, that wasn’t a flu shot. That was a COVID-19 vaccine,’” Bouchard said to The Epoch Times, recounting his meeting with military superiors.

“I think, in my mind, at that point, it was like, I completely didn’t know if I trusted any people in the military,” he added.

Bouchard does not believe he was vaccinated by mistake. He believes the Maine National Guard did this intentionally as a mechanism of control.

“I think what they did was they thought soldiers who don’t want it and they accidentally get it are just going to come around and continue their service. So I feel like that was a way to vaccinate people,” he said.

Big League Politics has reported other incidents where people, including small children, were stuck with the COVID-19 vaccine without their consent or the consent of their guardians:

A family is speaking out after accusing Walgreens of injecting their 4-year-old and 5-year-old children with the COVID-19 vaccine against their will.

The children were reportedly jabbed with COVID-19 at a Walgreens in Evansville, Ind. against the will of the parents supposedly by mistake. They spoke with WFIE to express their disgust with this instance of medical tyranny.

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