U.S. Police Departments Send Equipment and Supplies to Ukraine Amidst Nationwide Surge in Violent Crime

Police departments are shipping equipment and supplies that could be used to stop rising criminal activity in America to the battlefields of Ukraine, in another example of public officials putting Americans last when making their considerations.

Vice News has reported that state police agencies in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, and Colorado are giving away equipment to Ukrainians in order to intervene and meddle in a foreign conflict thousands of miles away while crime surges in the homeland.

“It came out of empathy,” said Patricia Billinger, a spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Safety, to local news outlets. “Of imagining particularly the men of serving age in Ukraine who are just regular citizens and who are mandated to stay and fight.”

The Colorado Department of Public Safety is giving 750 ballistic helmets and 80 sets of body armor to the Ukrainians. Pennsylvania’s Falls Township Police Department is sending 52 vests, which includes 15 high-grade ones equipped to be used in military combat, as well as battle dress uniforms, boots and medical supplies. The city of Yonkers, New York is sending riot-control helmets and ballistic vests too.

“We took 45 vests from the back of Township Falls police evidence storage,” Yonkers department chief Nelson E. Whitney II said to Vice. “I looked through my basement, and I found a couple I had from over the years, and other officers did the same.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the U.S. is getting dangerously close to entering Ukraine as the propaganda drive regarding the conflict wages on:

Has Sleepy Joe lost his marbles?

Joe Biden spoke to US troops in Rzeszow, Poland Friday addressing the current circumstances in Ukraine, which has been under an invasion by Russia for over three weeks.

The White House occupant, who has thus far insisted that the United States will not wage a war against Russia, sowed doubts about his claims after he indicated that 82nd Airborne in Poland would soon see Ukraine.

“Look at how they’re stepping up,” Biden said. “You’re going to see, when you’re there, and some of you have been there, you’re going to see women, young people, standing in the middle, in front of the damn tank, just saying, ‘I’m not leaving. I’m holding my ground.’ They’re incredible.“

“The Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, a lot of guts. I’m sure you’re observing it,” Biden told the US troops. “And I don’t mean just the military, which we’ve been training since back when Russia moved into the Southeast, Ukraine, but also the average citizen, look at how they’re stepping up.”

“Things are moving so fast, change is happening so quickly, that democracies require consensus. And we can’t put together consensus as quickly as autocrats can. So what’s at stake, not just in what we’re doing here in Ukraine to try to help the Ukrainian people and keep the massacre from continuing,” Biden continued.“But beyond that, what the stake is what are your kids and grandkids going to look like in terms of their freedom?” 

He also said there are fewer democracies in the world today than there were 10 years ago.

“The world ain’t going to be the same, not because of Ukraine, but it’s not going to be the same in 10 to 15 years from now in terms of our organizational structures, and the question is who is going to prevail: democracy’s going to prevail and the values we share, or autocracy is going to prevail. And that’s really what’s at stake. So what you’re doing is consequential, really consequential.“

Biden also made headlines after he said that an undefined ‘they’ would not allow him to enter Ukraine.

“Part of my disappointment is that uh I can’t see it firsthand like I have in other places. They will not let me… cross the border and take a look at what’s going on in uh in Ukraine,” Joe meekly stated Friday.

Law enforcement is under attack, and they are worried about protecting Ukraine. This is a sad state of affairs and shows why America is hanging by a thread.

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