U.S. Senate Candidate Mo Brooks is Opposing ‘Cancel Culture’ Push to Remove Statues From the Capitol

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) is coming out strongly against H.R. 3005, legislation that would erase history and remove certain statues depicting American heroes who the modern radicalized Left believe had distasteful views.

Brooks, who is running in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate in Alabama, believes that H.R. 3005 is a grotesque infringement on states’ rights. He also believes it is a violation of federal law establishing the National Statuary Collection, which permitted states to “furnish statues…of deceased persons who have been citizens thereof, and illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services such as each State may deem to be worthy of this national commemoration.”

“The 1864 law that establishes the National Statuary Collection defers to states the power to determine who they wish to honor with a Capitol statue. And that makes perfect sense,” Brooks said in a news release issued by his Congressional office.

“Just as it would be wrong for Alabama and other states to dictate to New York and California who they must honor, it is similarly wrong and repulsive for New York, California, or other states to dictate to Alabama who we must honor. Yet, H.R. 3005 seeks to do exactly that by empowering other states to dictate to a single state who that state can, or cannot, honor,” he added.

Brooks believes that the left-wing cultural revolution to destroy American history and demonize American heroes is a precursor to setting up a totalitarian regime to completely upend the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

“Cancel culture and historical revisionism are precursors to dictatorial government and the destruction of individual liberty and freedom by elitists who claim they know more than regular citizens and, hence, should be empowered to dictate what regular citizens can and cannot think or do. Ultimately, it’s all about political power in the hands of a dictatorial few coupled with the loss of freedom and liberty by the masses,” Brooks said.

“I reject cancel culture and historical revisionism. I reject Socialist Democrat intolerance. I support federalism and a state’s right to decide for itself who it should honor. As such, I will proudly vote ‘No’ on H.R. 3005. Alabama, not New Yorkers, Californians, or anyone else, should decide who we wish to honor in Alabama’s contribution to the National Statuary Collection. Socialist Democrat states should butt out!” Brooks added emphatically. 

Brooks recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where he discussed his America First bonafides in running for the U.S. Senate:

Brooks noted his opposition to illegal immigration when asked about the Protect America First Act, co-sponsored by Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-AL) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), which would reinstate a zero-tolerance immigration policy, stop human trafficking, deport illegal aliens, and end chain migration.

“I support deporting every single illegal alien in the United States of America. It’s about rule of law. It’s about deterrence. When you make it sections, when you do not enforce your laws, then you are encouraging whatever criminal conduct it is that the law says you are not supposed to engage in,” he said.

Brooks touted his record on border security, citing his top rankings from organizations such as Numbers USA and the Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform.

He said we should “absolutely protect our border from the onslaught of illegal aliens that are coming across on to American soil where their first step on American soil is to spit on our Constitution and our laws.”

“Roughly speaking each year, there are 2,000 dead Americans killed at the hands of illegal aliens on American soil. 2,000 dead Americans! 2,000 Americans who are alive today you can expect to be dead a year from now because they were killed because of illegal alien conduct,” Brooks said.

“And if 2,000 is not enough, then think about the more than 30,000 dead Americans each year from drug overdoses on deadly narcotics shipped through our porous southern border. There are reasons to secure our border. We need to do it, if for nothing else than to save American lives that the socialist Democrats seemingly don’t care one twit about in their crass coveting of political power, which is what all this is about on our southern border,” he added.

When asked about the dangers of legal immigration, Brooks made the point that corporations shipping in third-world labor hurts native American workers.

“The lawful immigration focuses on the white-collar American worker, suppressing the wages of our middle class people in America, and that’s also wrong. We should not allow the Big Tech companies or the United States Chamber of Commerce to affect the supply-demand equilibrium in the labor markets by artificially inflating the labor supply by bringing in swarms of foreign workers that each and every one of them hurts the wages of American citizens and denies American citizens jobs. That’s wrong,” he said.”

Brooks is fighting to preserve American values at a time when the vast majority of Republicans are capitulating. He is truly the people’s choice for the U.S. Senate in Alabama in next year’s midterm election.

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