U.S. Student Who Went to Pakistan to Blog about the Nation’s Culture is ‘Brutally’ Gangraped

21-year-old Arabela Arpi, an American-German student at Duke University, loved Pakistan so much that she wanted to travel there and blog in honor of the nation’s rich culture.

Then she was viciously gangraped by third-world savages.

“I first came here in 2019 to visit my fiance’s family, who live in Lahore,” Arpi said to VICE. “Travelling to Pakistan was unlike any other destination, where everything is catered to tourists. In Pakistan, people follow their own traditions, wear their traditional clothes and eat their traditional food. It’s culturally vivid.”

Based on what she saw in social media posts, Arpi thought it would be safe to go “off the beaten path” in areas not typically traversed by foreigners, mostly by herself.

In the city of Dera Ghazi Khan on July 17 in the Punjab province of Pakistan, Arpi was extorted and “brutally” gang raped by two men who she had known and befriended during her travels. They videotaped the act and threatened to leak if she spoke out about the heinous act.

Arpi’s experience shows the dangers of foolish girls believing the nonsense they are spoon fed by influencers on social media.

“Foreign vloggers often paint a much more positive picture about how easy it is to travel around Pakistan than it really is,” said Michael Kugelman, an Asian studies expert at the Wilson Center thinktank. “This poses risks for people unfamiliar with Pakistan who come in from abroad.”

Big League Politics has reported on the propensity of the refuse of the third world to commit rapes on foreign women, especially when imported globalists into host nations:

The fourth and final Afghan migrant accused of gang raping and then murdering a 13-year-old Austrian girl in June was apprehended in London on Thursday.

The four Afghan migrants allegedly plied 13-year-old girl, referred to only by her first name of Leonie in reports, with a copious amount of illegal drugs before viciously gang raping her, murdering her and leaving her near a tree in Austria.

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