Uber and Lyft Drivers Striking, Off to Rocky Start in NYC

Ride sharing drivers for Uber and Lyft are striking in several cities across the country, but are off to a rough start in New York City.

“Drivers in 10 cities across the country are taking action on Wednesday to draw attention to what they say are decreasing wages for drivers and a distressing lack of job security — and some are calling on passengers to temporarily boycott the ride-hailing services, too,” according to NPR.

But according to The New York Post, the strike did not go as planned in The Big Apple, the one of nation’s largest markets for ride sharing.

“A driver strike that was planned for Wednesday-morning rush hour against ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft appeared to be a flop in New York City, as cars appeared plentiful and surge pricing was scarce,” the paper said.

The Post spoke with at least one Uber driver who did not take part in the strike, which drivers strategically planned for the day of Uber’s Initial Public Offering (IPO).

“If it made a difference, I would’ve done it,” the driver reportedly said. “But I don’t know what would change for us, IPO or no IPO.”

Meanwhile, NPR spoke with Rideshare Drivers United, the group in Los Angeles that headed up the strike.

“We ask that the public support drivers in their struggle for fair wages and our Drivers bill of rights,” spokesman Brian Dolber told NPR. “We are calling for community standards that will ensure that Uber and Lyft do not create needless traffic and pollution. By boycotting Uber/Lyft for 24 hours, passengers can show that they stand with RDU in our fight for a rideshare industry that truly serves Angelenos.”

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