Uber Driver Buys Missing Dominion Voting Machine From Michigan for $8 at Goodwill

A missing Dominion voting machine in Michigan turned up at a Goodwill store where an Ohio Uber driver bought it for $8.

The story, which illustrates exactly how ridiculously unsafe and insecure America’s elections are, has election officials in Michigan baffled as to how one of their Dominion voting machines could end up on an online Goodwill auction.

Uber driver Ean Hutchinson bought the Dominion machine for $7.99 in an online Goodwill store before flipping the machine on eBay for a cool $1200.

“Own a piece of history! This voting machine was one of thousands used in the 2020 United States presidential election and included in one of the many lawsuits against Dominion that were thrown out,” he wrote in the listing.

Harri Hursti of Connecticut bought the voting machine from Hutchinson. Hursti is described by CNN as “one of the foremost election machine security experts and organizes an event every August in Las Vegas where hackers are given access to voting machines in a bid to identify and remedy potential vulnerabilities.” Hursti typically buys older voting machines for these exercises, but after realizing the Dominion machine was contemporary, alerted the Michigan secretary of state’s office.

Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson said that her state losing the Dominion machine and having it floating around for sale does not prove that her state’s elections cannot be trusted.

“Michigan’s elections are secure,” Benson stated. “Before every election, we test every machine for accuracy. We’ve never seen, even with this unauthorized access to machines, any actual evidence of any challenges or wrongdoing or lack of security in the process.”

“While our elections remain secure and safe, we take seriously all violations of election law and will be working with relevant authorities to ensure there are consequences for those who break the law,” she added.

Hursti said it is incomprehensible that Michigan election officials had no clue they were even missing a Dominion machine until it was reported to them.

“It is shocking that only when we started asking, ‘Does it belong somewhere?’ Only after that, did they realize it had been stolen,” Hursti said.

The CNN report on the missing voting machine can be seen here:

With voting machines just floating around out there, is it any wonder why so many millions of Americans have major concerns regarding electoral integrity? America’s election security is on par with third-world nations thanks to the Democrats, and this is the real threat to democracy.

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