Uber Lecturers Customers On ‘Gendered Greetings,’ Allying W/ ‘Genderqueers,’ And ‘Gender-fluid’

Make sure not to use “gendered greetings” or be bigoted enough to assume “cishetero-normative relationships” next time you board a cab! A new post by Uber commemorating so-called “Pride Month” featured a moral lecture from the rideshare organization about how one must go about navigating their daily interactions in order to avoid offending various groups, including the ‘genderqueer,’ ‘non-binary,’ ‘queers,’ ‘genderfluid,’ and many others.

The announcement was posted on the company’s website while also being blasted as a notification to the smartphones of app holders all around the country. It begins by stating “Move with Pride,” before expressing their beliefs that people should “feel empowered to speak their truth.” The company then boasts about multiple far-left initiatives that they are involved with before starting their moral lecture on how their customers can “Speak Inclusively.”

Tips offered by Uber for how people can behave better include avoiding the use of “gendered greetings” and not assuming “cishetero-normative relationships.” They also wrote “gender expression ≠ gender identity ≠ sexual orientation.” We were not able to decode what exactly this means.

Descriptions of some of these supposedly respect-needing categories were displayed soon thereafter. Defined classes included ‘Genderqueer,’ ‘Non-binary,’ ‘Transgender,’ ‘Pansexual,’ ‘Queer,’ ‘Polysexual,’ ‘Gay,’ ‘Agender,’ ‘Lesbian,’ ‘Asexual,’ ‘Bisexual,’ ‘Intersex,’ and ‘Gender-fluid.’

Uber’s definitions of many of the terms proved very convoluted. Take their thoughts on the meaning of ‘Genderqueer,’ for instance. According to Uber, those who are ‘Genderqueer’ can be a little bit of a man, a tiny bit woman, and even a blend of both or neither at all. Anything goes!

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