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UC Berkeley Police Investigating if Free Speech Posters, Chalk Drawings Are a Hate Crime



Tensions are continuing to escalate in Berkeley, as the university chancellor announced that their police are currently investigating whether or not pro-free speech posters or chalk art constitute a “hate crime.”

In preparation for Milo Yiannopoulos’ Free Speech Week at the campus which begins on Sunday, leftist groups have been placing flyers and posters all over the city to encourage unrest during the event. In response, someone put up hundreds of posters promoting free speech all around the campus on Wednesday evening.

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The posters featured bold phrases such as “Mean Words Are Still Legal Words,” “Fuck Your Commie Trash,” and “This City Is Run By Thugs in Black Masks,” in reference to Antifa’s previous successful shut downs of right wing speakers — including Yiannopoulos in February. While vulgar, the only group that appears to be mentioned specifically would be Communists, and arguably Antifa.

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On Thursday, responding to the posters being wallpapered around Sproul Hall, Chancellor Carol T. Christ wrote an email to students and faculty letting them know that there is currently an investigation into whether or not the mean words are a hate crime and urging students to seek help if the signs offended them.

“I am deeply distressed to learn about some hateful messaging that has appeared on campus recently that targets specific student populations, groups of faculty and administrators. I condemn these cowardly acts in the strongest possible terms,” the chancellor began.

No such condemnation has ever been offered for the students who have falsely branded right-wing speakers and students as “Nazis” or flyers calling for violence against them.

“Our police department is investigating whether they constitute hate crimes and we will do all we can to support those affected,” Christ continued. “Please visit our Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination or UCPD if you have information about recent incidents or would like to make a complaint.

Christ continued on to provide resources for students whose feelings may have been hurt by the mean words.

The email was shared by Yiannopoulos who mocked the chancellor for even suggesting that these posters could be considered a hate crime.

“This is the same Chancellor Christ that previously declared that Berkeley is the home of free speech. But as soon as some students put up posters that offended her, she called for a police investigation into ‘hate crimes,’” Yiannopoulos wrote on Facebook. “Since when did putting up offensive posters become a crime in America, Chancellor Christ? It’s the foulest hypocrisy imaginable. Berkeley has become a police state that sicks the cops on students who say things they don’t like. Chancellor Christ needs to be crucified over this. Be sure to join us on campus to protest this villain and protect free speech!”

On Tuesday, messages supporting Free Speech Week also popped up around campus. Phrases chalked onto the pavement included things like, “Bannon will speak here,” “Bannon is coming,” “BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) are terrorists,” “MAGA,” 2 genders (2) terms,” “James Damore was right,” “Trump is our savior,” “Antifa is sad!,” “Berkeley hates free speech,” “I support my president,” “Trump won. Deal with it,” “free speech is dead,” a Pepe the frog and Milo’s name with a penis drawn under it.

As we previously reported, the Berkeley Patriot, the organizers for the event have filed a civil rights complaint with the Department of Justice against the university.

The complaint alleges that “the students of the Berkeley Patriot believe that they have been subjected to a pattern and practice of suppression of their First Amendment rights, specifically Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Association, and their Fourteenth Amendment right to Equal Protection.”

“The situation at UC Berkeley has become downright physically dangerous this past year for conservative students who merely wish to exercise their God given rights to freedom of speech and association that are enshrined in the Constitution,” the complaint states.

The Free Speech Week event, which is scheduled to begin on Sunday, has been seemingly in a state of limbo all week after the university alleged that they Yiannopoulos and the student organization had not met all the required deadlines.


Cultural Marxist Academic Proposes Abusing Children Based on Their Skin Color: ‘White Kids Don’t Deserve Innocence’



Marxist academic Tim Wise appeared on CNN where he proposed subjecting white children to psychological torture, proclaiming that “white kids don’t deserve innocence.”

“I think that the important thing for white parents to keep in the front of our mind is that if black children in this country are not allowed innocence and childhood… Then our children don’t deserve innocence,” Wise said.

“If Tamir Rice can be killed, then white children need to be told at least at the same age that if they can’t be innocent, we can’t be innocent. And if we would keep that in the front of our minds, then perhaps we would be able to be hear what black and brown folks are telling us everyday and have been telling us for years,” he added.

The revolting clip can be seen here:

Wise runs a hate racket, similar to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) or Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), in which he calls for white people to be destroyed and subjugated.

Wise has called for riots in the streets and the destruction of property for years, having begged for the type of chaos that has recently turned America into a war zone – with the death of serial felon George Floyd serving as an inflection point.

Wise has made his opinion clear that he wants white people to be destroyed and wiped from the planet. Some have called the goals of Wise and his fellow Marxist interlopers akin to a genocide.

He wrote in 2010:

The kind of math … proves how your kind — mostly older white folks beholden to an absurd, inaccurate, nostalgic fantasy of what America used to be like — are dying.

You’re like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass — even if it takes four sequels to make it happen — but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time.

Fair enough, and have at it. But remember how this movie ends. Our ankles survive.

You do not.

He boasted in the same article about the demographic destruction of America, and noted that time was on his side as the the U.S. is flooded with third world refugees:

We don’t need guns.

We just have to be patient.

And wait for your hearts to stop beating.

Do you hear it?

The sound of your empire dying? Your nation, as you knew it, ending, permanently?

Because I do, and the sound of its demise is beautiful.

So know this.

If you thought this election was payback for 2008, remember…

Payback, thy name is…


As the Trump administration classifies ANTIFA as a terror group and uses federal force to destroy them, they should consider expanding that classification to include academics like Wise whose genocidal ideology could result in the death of millions if it is not stomped out for the good of mankind.

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