UFC Fighter Colby Covington Gives UFC Commentator Joe Rogan a Warm Welcome

Ultimate Fighting Championship commentator Joe Rogan caused a stir when he decided to not commentate at UFC 271 on February 12, 2022. 

However, the comedian and popular podcast host Joe Rogan has returned to commentate at UFC 272 on March 5. At the UFC 272 weigh-ins on March 4, UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington gave Rogan a warm welcome and criticized cancel culture.

When Rogan interviewed Covington after his staredown with rival welterweight Jorge Masvidal, Covington said the following:

“Woah, woah, woah Joe Rogan. Before we start talking about the future, let’s talk about the present.” Covington told Rogan at the UFC 272 ceremonial weigh-ins. “It’s so great to have you back, Joe Rogan. We love you at the UFC. We miss you! F*ck cancel culture!”

The UFC welterweight added his thoughts about his opponent:

“Tonight is ‘Street Judas’s last supper. Tomorrow I’m sending him to the electric chair. I’m gonna flip the switch and fry his bum ass and electrify T-Mobile Arena like it’s never been electrified before.

Lastly before I go, I want to send a big thank you to all of the real heroes of this country, not that woke spineless coward like Lebron James. I’m talking about our real heroes, law enforcement, military, our first responders. God bless you! God bless America! God bless you all! I’ll see you tomorrow night!”

As the staff of MMAWeekly noted, “This will be the first time  

Rogan has been in the commentator’s booth since a compilation video emerged showing Rogan repeatedly using a racial slur during past episodes of his podcast.”

Rogan apologized for his previous comments and did not provide commentary at the UFC 271 pay-per-view event.

Covington (16-3) is facing off against Masvidal (35-15) at UFC 272. Masvidal was Covington’s teammate, a good friend, and training partner. Rogan will be in the commentary booth for UFC 272.

Both Covington and Masvidal are outspoken right-wing populists who have expressed their support for Donald Trump in the past. 

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