UGH: Globalists are Now Talking about ‘Flattening the Climate Curve’ to Stop Global Warming

With the notion of “flattening the curve” now burned into the minds of traumatized individuals worldwide, the globalists are attempting to re-appropriate the familiar propaganda line in their war against so-called climate change.

The World Economic Forum (WEF), which works hand-in-hand with the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN), is urging various governments to focusing on flattening the “climate curve,” whatever that is supposed to mean, when the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

“We all find ourselves at a fork in the road with a fundamental choice. How do we respond to global threats, both as individuals and as communities?” wrote Patrick Verkooijen, who works as CEO of the Global Center on Adaptation, in a blog on the WEF official website pushing the idea.

“As coronavirus runs riot, the climate emergency has not gone away. Indeed, the two are inextricably linked. I am with Inger Andersen, head of the United Nations Environment Programme, when she called COVID-19 a “clear warning shot”. This is on the basis that 75% of all infectious diseases come from our wildlife. With climate change and the destruction of natural habitats, we are squeezed ever-closer together, creating new dangers,” Verkooijen added.

He attempted to connect the coronavirus pandemic to the supposed problem of climate change in ways that never quite made sense.

“If we want to stay healthy, we need a healthy planet. That means we adapt and alter our behaviour – and in the process, build societies resilient to emergencies of all kinds. We were woefully underprepared for this pandemic, just as we are for rising sea levels and the other effects of climate change,” Verkooijen wrote.

“It is abundantly clear now that prevention is better than the cure. This rule applies to extreme weather just as it does a virus,” he added.

Verkooijen mentioned that leftists must not let the coronavirus crisis go to waste and should work to exploit emergency measures passed in the heat of the panic in order to promote their broader authoritarian agenda.

“Governments around the world are launching vast stimulus packages to resurrect their economies,” he wrote.

“This is a golden opportunity to retool our economies for the planet that we are living on, not the unlimited, infinitely stable one we wish we had. It is the time to invest in resilient and sustainable infrastructure to build a new green economy. Renewables instead of coal, grass instead of concrete, re-forestation instead of de-forestation,” Verkooijen added.

Verkooijen’s ultimate answer is, of course, more globalism and blind submission to authority.

“The pandemic has revealed some home truths: that disasters do not respect borders, that solidarity brings strength, that science and expert advice matter, and that delay is deadly. The same lessons hold true for our climate emergency,” he concluded.

Rather than focusing on China, the globalists would rather give the country that caused the pandemic a pass and focus instead on a familiar bogeyman like climate change. The expert class has failed throughout the crisis and will likely continue to fail in its aftermath.

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