UK Supreme Court Rules Foreign Killers, Rapists Spared Deportation If They Would Get Worse Medical Care Than Under NHS

The Supreme Court of the UK has ruled that foreign criminals, including potentially killers, drug dealers, and rapists, cannot be deported if they can successfully argue that they would experience “intense suffering or a significant reduction in life expectancy” as a result of being returned to a country with a medical system less developed than the British National Health Service (NHS).

The ruling came as a result of a case involving a man from Zimbabwe who, since arriving in 2000, has been convicted of battery, assault, receiving stolen goods, possession of sharp blades in public, possession of a firearm, and heroin with intent to supply. However, he has fought his deportation by appealing to the European Convention on Human Rights, and specifically the provision that “no one shall be subjected to torture or to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

What does that mean, specifically, in his case? That if he were deported to Zimbabwe, he wouldn’t have access to the most current treatment for HIV, which he receives under the publicly funded NHS, paid for by the taxes of those he has harmed.

In a normal nation, deporting a repeatedly violent foreign criminal would be done at the drop of a hat, HIV or not. But in Britain in current year 2020, the highest court in the land has ruled in his favor by accepting precedent from the international European Court of Human Rights.

This ruling will likely cement a depressing trend of the increasing success of foreign violent criminals in avoiding deportation. In 2011, 60 criminals used human rights as an excuse to avoid expulsion. In 2019, it was 172.

One particularly public case was that of Yaqub Ahmed in 2018, who was intended to be deported back to Somalia after being convicted of conspiracy to rape, but was saved by passengers on his plane mutinying. His case was then delayed by the legal system.

As vile and infuriating as this is, it only scratches the surface of the hellish clown world which the UK has become, and in particular its legal system. There is probably no other Western nation that has yet progressed so far down the road of becoming a prison for the targeted torment of its own native population.

The coronavirus pandemic has offered new outlets for UK police to express their impotent statism against ordinary people. Recently, an officer was recorded threatening a citizen to “make something up” to arrest him, and the police have called for the expansion of their power to be able to invade private property to enforce a draconian lockdown. The level to which they practice surveillance under the excuse of the coronavirus response has prompted both ridicule and worry.

But this is merely a sideshow. The rest of the story is far darker.

The UK police have become infamous laughingstocks on social media due to their embrace of political correctness on issues like racism, diversity, and LGBT, painting their police cars in pride colors. Meanwhile, under the totalitarian government of the UK, law enforcement resources have continually been diverted from crime-fighting to cracking down on political dissent.

In 2019, the police announced “Hate Crime Awareness Week,” and urged people to report “hateful” incidents “even if it isn’t a crime,” and that “you don’t even need evidence,” using simplistic cartoons that pointedly painted white people as uniquely hateful and bad. Earlier this year, in Sadiq Kahn’s London, Metropolitan police took further advantage of the coronavirus situation by urging the public to report “hate crime related to the Covid-19 pandemic.”

The more tragic and evil side of this coin is demonstrated in situations such as a recent report from Sheffield, buried by the mainstream news media, that revealed that South Yorkshire Police “did nothing more than submit an intelligence report” when approached by a 15-year-old girl who had been “abused and exploited” since 14 by a gang entirely made of Kurdish men. The abuse of British girls by Middle Eastern and Asian men has been ongoing for decades and reached horrific levels that can only be described as systemic.

The only way the nightmare can get worse is when the police themselves not only ignore the abuse, an event which is again systemically documented, but participate in it, a sickeningly wicked circumstance which occurs only too often.

But by all means, keep spending increasing time and resources on logging “tens of thousands of hate incidents,” which aren’t even crimes. And as for the supposedly “conservative” government under Boris Johnson, it has refused, despite a petition, to make public a report on the ethnic background of grooming gangs, which would surely deal a death blow to soulless leftist diatribes of diversity being a strength.

With all the evidence weighed, it is hard to escape the conclusion that there is probably not a more morally degenerated and dystopian Western country than the UK. The most recent Supreme Court decision is only the tip of the iceberg.

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