UK: Teresa May is On Her Way Out of Office, Report Says

Teresa May’s days as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are numbered.

According to anonymous statements coming from May’s own aides, May will likely be stepping down as Prime Minister by Summer time. This gives the Tories enough time to elect her successor right before the next party conference in October.

Tory Members of Parliament have voiced their displeasure with May’s tepid eadership and are now looking to move on. The commonly held view in London is that May survived challengers within her party last year due to a behind-the-scenes agreement to step down as Prime Minister before the general election. Even with this arrangement in place, a third of the Tory MPs still voted to remove her from power.

As the March 29th Brexit departure date fast approaches, a “no deal” Brexit appears to be on the horizon. This has made many Tories unhappy given their hopes for a negotiated Brexit, but members of the Democratic Unionist Party and European Research Group are content with what looks like an inevitable hard Brexit.

Nevertheless, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has formed his own Brexit Party in fear that Brexit won’t go through. Farage’s fears are warranted given May’s weak leadership and rumors of a second referendum taking place.

On June 23, 2016 British votes made their intentions clear when they voted 51.9 percent- 48.1 percent in favor of Brexit. Sadly, their political class has lagged behind.

What’s at stake in carrying out Brexit is national identity. The globalist smorgasbord of policies that the EU has foisted upon the UK is dangerous both culturally and politically. The UK is already getting a taste of this through the rise of hate speech laws, immigrant ghettoes, and mass surveillance.

Should it continue along this path, the country will be become another globalist automaton for elites in Brussels to exploit.

The good news is that most of Europe is starting to challenge the EU status quo as witnessed with rise of right-wing parties at the polls in Spain, Matteo Salvini’s populist policies in Italy, and France’s “Yellow Vest” protests.

Populist momentum throughout Europe could be enough to sway the UK to go back on its original course of exiting the EU.

For the sake of the nation’s integrity, Brexit is a must.

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