UK TERROR: Cops Confirms Car Attack Outside of Parliament Was Terror Related

Courtesy: The Sun

Police in Westminster, London have confirmed that a car crossed anti-terror barriers and struck several cyclists this morning was an act of terror.

“One woman suffered serious, but non-life threatening, injuries while two other men also needed medical treatment,” according to The Sun. “Met Police confirmed the suspect – who is not believed to have been armed – is currently being quizzed on suspicion of terror offences at a South London police station.”

The man, in his late 20’s, allegedly bought the silver Ford Fiesta that he used in the attack two months ago.

“It appears to be a deliberate act,” said Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu. “We are treating it as a terrorist incident. At this early stage of the investigation no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police.”

Witnesses also described the attack as intentional.

“I think the crash looked intentional – the car drove at speed and towards the barriers,” said Ewalina Ochab, a pedestrian.

Another person at the scene, Jason Williams, echoed the same sentiment.

“He went into the bollard at high speed, about 40 or 50mph,” Williams said. “It was, in my opinion, something planned and something very sinister.”

Just 17 months ago, another violent terror attack rocked Westminster. Daily Mail reported:

Khalid Masood, 52, ploughed a car into crowds on the bridge in London in March 2017, in the first of five terrorist attacks on Britain last year.

Masood abandoned his car then stabbed and killed unarmed PC Keith Palmer before he was shot by armed police in a courtyard outside Parliament.

Masood’s rampage left five people dead – 48-year-old PC Palmer, who was on duty at the Palace of Westminster, along with US tourist Kurt Cochran, Romanian tourist Andreea Cristea, 31, and Britons Aysha Frade, 44, and 75-year-old Leslie Rhodes, who were mown down on the bridge.

Masood was a Muslim convert with a history of violent crime.

The perpetrator of today’s attack has yet to be identified by police. He is reportedly not cooperating with authorities.


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