Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister Promises Cashless Society By 2030

Does this mean the end of anonymous transactions as we know them? Ukraine has been capturing public attention quite a bit ever since Vladimir Putin moved to invade the country in February. Google search trends revealed that while interest in the nation has largely dwindled, there still remain far more hits for it online than there were prior to 2022.

Now, a new post online by Ukraine’s deputy prime minister raised eyebrows after he proudly touted the nation’s efforts in digitization, promising a plan for their society to be cashless and paperless by 2030.

“Ukraine 2030 — the freest and most digital country in the world,” wrote government official Mykhailo Fedorov, who describes himself as the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. “Without bureaucracy, but with strong tech industry. Cashless & paperless. This is the future we are building.”

The video shared by Fedorov boasts of Ukraine’s numerous technological innovations, claiming Ukraine is “the most digital and convenient country in the world.”

“No more red tape, but paperless,” the video narration continued. “Bank notes, but cashless. Yes, we became the first country to abandon paper money!”

Shortly after that, the clip mentioned that Ukrainian courts are now guided by an “AI system” rather than humans.

Fedorov’s posted Twitter video concluded with an outline titled “Digital for freedom,” which laid out 10 different steps:

1. 100% online services, 2. paperless, 3. cashless, 4. digital government, 5. artificial intelligence in courts and e-notary, 6. digital education, 7. e-health, 8. digital customs, 9. 5G, and 10. digital literacy

Comments were made on Fedorov’s video by Christina Pushaw, who is serving as the press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Pushaw asked, “Please help me understand why you want ‘AI courts'” and also responded to a question asking why Ukraine is obsessed with a cashless society with, “So the government can control everyone’s money.”

Many around the world are growing increasingly wary of what some describe as an attempt to use technology to exercise extreme control over the masses, often violating human rights by proxy. Famous American journalist Mike Cernovich reacted to the Ukraine deputy prime minister’s video, commenting that “2030 is part of WEF and Great Reset numerology.”


Notably, a recent BLP story featured a Dutch populist leader who claimed that farmers in the Netherlands are revolting against the “Great Reset” agenda.


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