Ukraine is Begging NATO For Leftover Funds Originally for Afghanistan

According to a recent report by Dave DeCamp at, NATO is floating the idea of using a $3.4 billion fund that was originally allocated towards supporting the previous Afghan government to supply more aid to Ukraine. 

POLITICO reported on December 7, 2022 that this fund is “known as the Afghan National Army Trust Fund” and “the money was donated by individual NATO countries.” The report highlighted how Ukrainian authorities have called on NATO to consider using the money to back Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

The US has not contributed to the Afghan fund but has previously supplied Ukraine with military gear that was originally allocated towards the previous Afghan government. Earlier in 2022, the US sent Ukraine 16 Russian-made Mi-17 helicopters that it originally allocated for Afghanistan.

Western officials said to POLITICO that NATO member nations have talked about diverting the Afghan funds to Ukraine. Now, they are likely going to follow through with the move. That said, each member state has the ability to donate or not donate the funds. 

At the moment, the funds are frozen.  NATO will either send the funds back to the donor countries or set up a new fund for Ukraine. If the money is allocated towards Ukraine, it will likely be sent to the Ukraine Comprehensive Assistance Package, a fund NATO created in 2016 to supply aid to Ukraine.

Ukraine is a veritable welfare case as DeCamp noted below: 

Ukraine is entirely reliant on aid from the West to fund its war effort and keep the government afloat. Besides the military support, Ukraine wants its Western backers to cover its massive $38 billion budget deficit for 2023.

The Russo-Ukrainian conflict is a gigantic grift for the Western military-industrial complex and the NGO consortium. The more money that’s sent to Ukraine, the more corruption will grow and the more blood will be spilled. 

For the Collective West, this conflict is all about fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian and sanctioning Russia to the last European citizen with 10 Euros in their pocket. There is no concern for the lives of millions of Ukrainians who are mere geopolitical chess pieces in this fanatic campaign to own Russia.

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