Ukraine’s Non-Stop Begging for Military Aid is Threatening NATO’s Defense Capacity 

According to a report by The Washington Post, Ukraine’s relentless demand for military aid is reportedly endangering NATO’s defense capacity and is leaving European countries in a precarious defense position as they struggle to produce sufficient ammunition for their defense needs as the war appears to be a drawn out affair.

Since Russia launched its military incursion into Ukraine on February 24, 2022 the United States and its European allies have been flooding Ukraine with copious amounts of military aid.

In the Washington Post report, it noted that the original batch of military aid was not designed for a prolonged military operation.

Using revelations from officials and industry leaders, the Post reported on December 23 that the military conflict in Ukraine has “exposed flaws in US strategic planning” and “revealed significant gaps” in the US and NATO military complex. “Stocks of many key weapons and munitions are near exhaustion, and wait times for new production of missiles stretches for months and, in some cases, years,” the report indicated.

The US military-industrial complex is “in pretty poor shape right now,” Seth Jones of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) said to the Post. “We are really low… and we’re not even fighting,” Jones added.

Per the Post, the US military-industrial complex can produce roughly 14,000 rounds of ammunition for the 155-mm howitzers on a daily basis. However,  Ukrainian forces expend 6,000 rounds on a daily basis during heavy fighting.

In a separate report by the Wall Street Journal, Ukraine goes through 40,000 rounds of ammunition on a monthly basis. For perspective, Press TV reported that “all of the European NATO members put together can produce 300,000 a year.”

 “European production capacity is grossly inadequate,” declared Michal Strnad, the owner of a Czechoslovak Group — a conglomerate that operates in the fields of aerospace, automotive, defense and rail industries. He claimed it would take up to 15 years to replenish ammo stocks at current production rates if the Russo-Ukrainian war were to end the next day. 

Russian authorities have repeatedly warned that increased military aid, especially of the more lethal variety, from the Collective West will result in further escalation and direct confrontation between NATO and Russia. 

In dumping tons of military aid into Ukraine, EU member nations of NATO are effectively demilitarizing themselves. Similar to their misguided sanctions war against Ukraine, which is likely going to make Europe more reliant on the costlier American liquified natural gas, the Europeans’ decision to send alarming levels of military aid will leave them more dependent on the US for arms and other security functions. 

Once a mighty civilization that redefined the world order and brought unprecedented innovations in politics, science, and technology, Europe is now a satrapy of a decadent multicultural empire in the US. 

Talk about hitting rock bottom.

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