Ukrainian Authorities Attack Viktor Orbán’s Pro-Peace Stance on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict 

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sharply criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on December 27, 2022. 

German news outlet DPA highlighted the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s statement where it argued that Orbán’s calls for peace “demonstrate a pathological disregard for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people who are fighting against Russian aggression,” the Ukrainian ministry stated, launching the accusation that the Hungarian leader is engaging in “political short-sightedness.” 

According to a report by Remix News, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry’s choice words for Hungary came in response to a recent statement the Hungarian leader made where he said that the Russo-Ukrainian war would end if the US stops arming Ukraine.

The Ukrainian ministry believes that Orbán’s plan would put Ukraine on the path to defeat and even threaten Hungary in the long-term.

“The Hungarian leader should ask himself if he wants peace,” the ministry declared in a statement.

In a previous interview, Orbán declared, “Ukraine can continue fighting only as long as the United States supports them with money and weapons. If the Americans want peace, then there will be peace.”

In another interview that Remix News documented, Orbán declared that while it’s important for Russia to not pose a national security threat to Hungary, the Hungarian leader stressed the necessity of maintaining economic relations with Russia, which he believes are critical for Europe due to the continent’s reliance on Russian oil and gas. 

“The answer to the question of whether we are on the right or wrong side of history is that we are on the Hungarian side of history. We support and help Ukraine, it is in our interest to preserve a sovereign Ukraine, and it is in our interest that Russia does not pose a security threat to Europe, but it is not in our interest to give up all economic relations with Russia. We are looking at these issues through Hungarian glasses, not through anyone else’s,” Orbán stated.

The Hungarian leader is behaving like a true nationalist here. He’s protecting the Hungarian people’s interests and is not following the Brussels-London-Washington playbook. Orbán recognizes that in a multipolar world there are only national interests and strategic partners. In turn, Hungary will work with countries ranging from Russia to China, while maintaining relatively decent relations with the US, to maximize its advantages on the world stage. 

For that reason, Orbán will be constantly demonized by the hacks in the Collective West. 


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