Ukrainian Defense Minister Admits Ukraine Has Become a Testing Ground for Western Weapons

According to a statement made by Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexey Reznikov to the Financial Times, the Russo-Ukrainian War has enabled Western powers to test out their weapons against their Russian counterparts 

He called attention to how Ukraine’s allies in the Collective West  “can actually if their weapons work, how efficiently they work and if they need to be upgraded.”

“For the military industry of the world, you can’t invent a better testing ground,” Reznikov continued.

He revealed that this entire process is being carefully surveilled by all interested parties, which includes India and China, in addition to countries that purchase weapons from Russia. 

The Ukrainian Defense Minister conceded that Ukraine’s partners have to constantly search for countermeasures, due to how Russian military specialists learn how to stave off Western vehicles. He called attention to how the GPS-guided artillery shells and MLRS rockets have great precision, but Russian forces possess strong electronic warfare systems and have the ability to jam guidance signals.

Indeed, Ukraine is a laboratory for the military industrial complexes of the Collective West. This is where sheltered elites can carry out their wild geopolitical experiments without having to face any serious consequences. On the other hand, Ukraine functions as the de facto sacrificial lamb for these mischievous geopolitical actors who only want to use it as a vehicle to bleed Russia dry. Ever since Russia launched its so-called “special military operation” on February 24, 2022, the Collective West has responded with a proxy conflict of its own in an effort to bog the Slavic, nuclear power in a protracted geopolitical quagmire. 

Sadly, the result of these geopolitical machinations will just be tons of unnecessary deaths and suffering with Russia scraping away with a Pyrrhic victory at Ukraine’s expense. 

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