UN Officials are Blocking Christian Refugees in the Middle East from Getting Help while Thousands of Muslims Flood the West

According to CBN News, Muslim UN officials in Jordan blocked Christian Syrian refugees from getting aid from the United Nations Refugee Agency, the UNHCR.

Hasan, one of the refugees interviewed, told CBN News that Muslim UN camp officials “knew that we were Muslims and became Christians and they dealt with us with persecution and mockery. They didn’t let us into the office. They ignored our request.”

Hasan is a Syrian convert to Christianity. Him and his family are currently in hiding, afraid of the Jordanian police potentially arresting them or even facing the prospect of death because of their religion.

In Jordan, converting to Christianity is a serious crime.

There is a clear pattern of discrimination on the United Nations refugee agency’s part against Christians in Jordan. It’s arguably one reason why small numbers of Christian refugees from Syria are settled in the United States and Britain, while tens of thousands of Syrian Muslim war refugees are settled in the West.

The two governments that have the power to embrace the Christian refugees — the US and Britain — have done little to help them.

Lord George Carey is suing Britain’s home office for its allegedly “politically correct” behavior and its “institutional bias” against Christian refugees. Additionally, he wants to know why out of the 60,000 thousand Syrian war refugees that the United States and Britain accepted in 2014, almost none of them were Christians.

Paul Diamond, Lord Carey’s attorney, explained the case:

“You have this absurd situation where the scheme is set up to help Syrian refugees and the people most in need, Christians who have been “genocided,” they can’t even get into the U.N. camps to get the food. If you enter and say I am a Christian or convert, the Muslim U.N. guards will block you [from] getting in and laugh at you and mock you and even threaten you.

Another Syrian refugee, Timothy, recounted how Muslin UN officials blocked him from entering a refugee camp.

“All of the United Nations officials, most of them, 99 percent, they are Muslims,” Timothy commented, “and they were treating us as enemies.”

Diamond claims, “Sunni Muslim officials have blocked the way. They’ve laughed at them, threatened them, said ‘You shouldn’t have converted. You’re an idiot for converting. You get what you get,’ words to that effect.”

Carey argues that by not taking Christians in, Western governments are complicit in what he believes is “the steady crucifixion of Middle East Christians.”

“And no simple measures are taken by both the British and the American government,’ Diamond said, “It would be simple just to open up a refugee camp for religious minorities, for Christians, Yazidis, whatever they are, and they’d be safe. But no one does that.”

Organizations like the U.N. are marked by political correctness and promote policies that undermine Western Christian nations, while championing Third World causes at the West’s expense.

Sane countries would be wise to stop contributing to the U.N. and eventually leave it.

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