UNC Wants to Spend $5.3 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Build ‘Silent Sam Education Center’

Police stand guard after the confederate statue known as Silent Sam was toppled by protesters on campus at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C., Monday, Aug. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill proposed Monday spending millions of taxpayer dollars to build an education center to house the Confederate “Silent Sam” monument that was illegally toppled by students in August.

“The University of North Carolina Board of Trustees proposed a new $5.3 million construction project to create a history and education center to house Silent Sam monument,” said ABC11

“UNC’s Board of Trustees proposed building a new area in Odum Village to place the Confederate monument, ” the report said. It will have at least one smart classroom and, potentially, shuttles to link it to campus.”

“[UNC Chancellor Carol] Folt said the construction would cost an estimated $5.3 million. She said the building will place Silent Sam into context and help teach a more full history of the university,” the report continued.

North Carolina laws that protect historical monuments dictate that Silent Sam must, in some capacity, be returned the UNC Campus. The school’s board of trustees put Monday’s meeting off for several months, but were forced to reckon with the no-win situation that their own radical communist students put them in when they lawlessly brought Silent Sam down.

“Highly pertinent aspects that we thoroughly considered included: public safety; preservation of the Artifacts; cost-effectiveness; potential disruption of University functions; input from the community; legal issues; linking the solution to other key mission-specific historical initiatives already underway; and more,” the Board’s report said. “We also did a preliminary examination of off-campus options. However, because they are not currently allowed by law, we are not able to offer them as part of a path that is lawful and lasting.”

The school already failed in its response to rioting communists by telling police to stand down while the monument was destroyed. Now, they want the North Carolina taxpayer to pay for poor decision making. It is a perfect case of how the government works for nobody.

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