Under the Radar: San Francisco’s Pro-Criminal District Attorney Chesa Boudin is Forced into Recall Election in June 2022

Thanks to widespread public discontent in San Francisco, District Attorney Chesa Boudin is facing a recall election on June 7, 2022 during California’s statewide primary elections.

“Today the Department of Elections certified that the petition to recall District Attorney Chesa Boudin contains a sufficient number of valid signatures and that the petition is successful,” declared Director of Elections John Arntz.

On November 9, 2021, Arntz sent a letter to petition organizers informing them of the certification process’s conclusion. 

In October, the Investigative Unit released news that organizers who want to remove Boudin from his office submitted over 83,000 signatures to election officials with the aim of holding a recall election.

This number was 32,000 more signatures than is needed to put the Boudin recall on the ballot.

“As prescribed under California Elections Code 11225, the Department reviewed 4,174 signatures (5% of the total submitted) that were randomly selected from the 83,484 signatures submitted with the petition,” stated Arntz.  “Based on this review, the Department determined the petition contained a number of valid signatures greater than the minimum of 51,325 signatures required for the petition to be deemed successful.”

In October, Boudin hinted at the recall being a fait accompli when he held an anti-recall rally. Boudin has insisted that he has lived up to his campaign promises, which included reducing the number of juveniles being imprisoned. He has promised to fight back against the recall effort. 

“This has nothing to do with the facts or the real challenges our communities are facing,” he said to his supporters.  “This has everything to do with disrespecting the will of the people.”

After the news of the recall campaign was released on November 9, Boudin’s supporters released a statement, describing the effort as “radical.” These supporters also noted that the campaign to remove Boudin from office was the product of “shady and misleading tactics.”

“We are confident San Francisco voters will reject this Republican-funded and endorsed effort,” declared Julie Edwards, spokesperson for the group “Friends of Chesa Boudin Opposing the Recall.”

“This recall effort is an attempt to reverse the reforms DA Boudin has enacted to keep us safe and make the criminal justice system fairer,” the statement declared.

Boudin’s opponents have called attention to the fact that the recall effort is not even a Republican organized project. They referenced the fact that there are only 33,000 registered Republicans in San Francisco. And despite that, 83,000 San Franciscans signed the petition to put Boudin’s recall on the ballot. These figures demonstrate that the Boudin recall is a transpartisan affair.

“It is time to put that tired talking point to bed,” commented Mary Jung, a former San Francisco Democratic Party chair, who released a statement calling for the recall effort against Boudi. “The fact is we have support from hundreds of volunteers from across San Francisco and the vast majority of our more than 600 donors are Democrats, decline to state, and no party preference voters.”

Should San Franciscan voters recall Boudin, Mayor London Breed would be compelled to appoint an interim replacement until a full-time district attorney is elected in November 2022. 

Boudin is notorious for his soft-on crime policies that have let scores of violent criminals run loose on the streets. His parents were members of the radical leftist terrorist group, the Weather Underground. They were involved in a robbery that resulted in the deaths of two New York police officers in addition to a Brink’s truck guard. 

Boudin would later be raised by Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers, who was at one point on the FBI Most Wanted list for his organization’s involvement in several bombings of public buildings. 

During his tenure as DA, Boudin has campaigned on a progressive criminal justice platform that featured restorative justice, which emphasizes reconciliation with victims instead of punishing criminals. The result has been growing crime and a breakdown of public order. 

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