Undercover Video: Abortion Clinic Agrees to Third-Trimester Abortion on Healthy Baby

A new undercover video has surfaced of a woman showing just how easy it is to get a third-trimester abortion appointment for a completely healthy baby.

Jamie Forbes called Southwestern Women’s Options in New Mexico where she told the abortion clinic worker that she was a healthy 30 weeks pregnant but “changed her mind” about having the baby. To the abortion clinic workers defense, she did ask if Forbes had considered adoption and asked a few times why she changed her mind. Beyond that ‘counseling’, the abortion clinic worker told Forbes it was completely legal and normal to have an abortion on a healthy, third-trimester baby.

“The New Mexico facility was willing to accommodate Forbes, when she would have been nearly 32 weeks pregnant — the limit that the facility says it will go to without being determined on a “case by case” basis — likely for medical indications,” according to Live Action.

While the procedure was going to cost $13,000, the abortion clinic worker assured Forbes that she could receive aid from New Mexico Medicaid.



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