Unhinged Adam Schiff Gloats About Republican Voters being a “Dying Demographic” on Jimmy Kimmel’s Show

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, Congressman Adam Schiff said people who vote against President Donald Trump decent” and “cherish the values of this country.”

As far as people who vote for Trump, Congressman Schiff believes that they are “an older and dying, literally dying, demographic.”

CNS News notes that even after Trump was acquitted, Schiff has continued pushing the pro-impeachment narrative, just for the sake of “defending” American democracy.

Kimmel then asked Schiff, “Other than removing him from office, what can we do?”

“Well, we can remove him from office. I mean, that’s the main thing,” Schiff said (as the audience cheered).

“The good news, the good news is the American people do not buy what he’s selling. They don’t like him. A majority of Americans have never agreed with him.

If we turn out our people, those people that are decent, that cherish the values of this country, if we register them to vote and we turn them out, he is a one-term nightmare only. They can do everything right and still lose because they don’t have the numbers.

The demographic that supports him is an older and dying, literally dying, demographic. Mitch McConnell’s whole political business model is built on fewer people voting. It’s the only way they stay in power, is with fewer people voting, which is why they work so hard to disenfranchise particularly minority communities from voting.

So what we need to do is we need to register every single eligible voter. We don’t need to know who the nominee is going to be right now. We can register people right now. And then when it comes time in the fall, we turn them out and we look back on this as a terrible gauntlet we went through. And I think frankly anyone that stood by, stood with this president, lacked the kind of courage that Mitt Romney displayed, will be covered with shame. Covered with shame.”

Previously, Kimmel told Schiff that President Trump “seems to be very fixated on you in general.”

“I spend half my day inside his head, apparently,” Schiff responded. “And I’ve got to tell you, it’s pretty scary in there. It’s everything I can do — It’s everything I can do to avoid all the marbles rolling around.”

What Schiff is alluding to is the unfavorable demographic shift that is taking place in America thanks to the 1965 Immigration Act and policies pursued by political elites since then.

If Republicans do not get a grip on immigration —In other words, pass an immigration moratorium, end birthright citizenship, abolish chain migration, etc. — Schiff’s fantasies will become a reality.


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