Unhinged Antifa Mob Attacks Anti-Pedophilia Protesters in Ireland

On July 11, 2020, a group of deranged Antifa activists attacked an anti-pedophilia demonstration in Dublin, Ireland.

The “March or Innocence” rally was held outside the Leinster House, Ireland’s parliament, protesting a bill that would allow 16-year-old children and younger to “change their gender.”

Conservative commentator Paul Joseph Watson tweeted, “Imagine protesting against an anti-pedophilia event.”

The protesters were also demanding that the Minister of Children Roderic O’Gorman resign for taking a picture with LGBT activist Peter Tatchell at a Gay Pride march in 2018.

O’Gorman asserted that he was not aware of Tatchell’s views on children and sex when the photo was taken.

“I met Peter Tatchell once and took a photo. That was the only time I have met him. I know of him as someone who stood up for LGBT people in countries where their rights were threatened,” he said.

“I was surprised to read some of the quotes from the 90s, which I had not read before. Any of those views would be completely abhorrent to ne, I’m glad to see he’s clarified and explained that what is being alleged isn’t his view.

Although the incident did not escalate, this goes to show the lengths politically correct mobs will go to move their social agenda forward.

Many traditionalists have proven to be prescient when it came to their fears that the legalization of gay marriage would lead to explicit pro-pedophilia advocacy.

The Right around the world will need to be on guard for this next front is the war to subvert traditional values.

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