Unhinged Democratic Rep Ruben Gallego Calls Out Republicans Who Voted Against NATO Expansion 

Foreign policy discourse in America is so degraded that anytime an elected official dares to challenge the status quo they’re automatically burnt in effigy. 

We see this play out repeatedly during any debates regarding foreign policy towards Russia, where elected officials who call for restraint are immediately derided as “pro-Putin.” 

When Thomas Massie and 17 other Republicans decided to vote against a resolution that supported Finland and Sweden joining NATO, they were predictably attacked as pro-Putin stooges. 

For example, Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego said in a tweet he posted on July 19, 2022 “FYI here’s the full House pro-Putin caucus.”

He listed off the following elected officials who voted against this NATO resolution: 

Biggs (AZ) 

Bishop (NC)

Boebert (CO)

Cawthorn (NC)

Cline (VA)

Cloud (TX)

Davidson (OH)

Gaetz (FL)

Good (VA)

Taylor Greene (GA)

Griffith (VA)

Massie (KY)

McClintock (CA)

Miller (IL)

Norman (SC)

Rosendale (MT)

Roy (TX)

Van Drew (NJ)


That’s where we’re at in 2022. If you dare question the DC foreign policy Blob’s anti-Russia policies, you’re automatically branded as “pro-Putin.”

One doesn’t have to approve of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine to realize that getting the US directly or indirectly involved in this conflict would be an egregious mistake. No pressing national interest is at stake in Ukraine. 

In addition, the US and its NATO allies played a significant role in creating the present security dilemma in Ukraine by turning it into an anti-Russia proxy through military aid, economic benefits, and Western NGO influence. 

NATO is the textbook example of an entangling alliance that the US should withdraw from instantly. 

Europe is a continent that is historically notorious for its fratricidal wars. Part of the wisdom of the Founding Fathers was their realist understanding of the dangers of entangling alliances, especially in regions like Europe. Perhaps it’s time we start following the advice of the very people who created this great Republic and ignore the globalists who want us in a state of perpetual warfare. Support Big League Politics by making a donation today. You can also donate via PayPal, Venmo or donate crypto. Your support helps us take on the powerful and report the truth that the mainstream media wants to silence.  

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