Unhinged Joe Biden Attacks House Republicans by Connecting Them to Trump

In the middle of September, President Joe Biden criticized House Republicans for their economic proposals, which he described as “Maganomics,” seeking to connect them to the policies of Donald Trump during a time when both parties were embroiled in a spending fight that threatened to shut down the federal government.

“They’re back at it again, breaking their commitment, threatening more cuts and threatening to shut down government again this month,” Biden stated on September 14, 2023 at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland.

“The country should know the facts. They should know the choice between Bidenomics and Maganomics,” Biden added. He asserted that Republicans were more concentrated on giving corporations and high-income earners tax cuts while also slashing $700 billion from Social Security and $1 trillion from Medicare.

In this past Summer, Biden rebranded his economic program as “Bidenomics” and capitalized on data demonstrating a resilient United States economy. However, that type of messaging did not resonate with voters. Recently, Biden has taken a more belligerent approach against Republicans.

Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus and America First segments are calling on Speaker Kevin McCarthy to push for larger spending cuts, tougher border security measures, and stop funding for Ukraine.

Biden even accused Republicans of aiming to break agreements they reached over government spending in a compromise to suspend the US debt limit earlier in 2023 and scoffed at Republican assertions that they are attempting to limit the federal debt.

“Now, what they do talk about is claiming all these cuts are going to reduce the deficit. When it comes to reducing the deficit, let’s compare the records a little bit. Under my predecessor, remember the self-professed ‘king of debt’? Turned out he was. He’s actually the emperor of debt,” Biden proclaimed, taking a shot at Trump.

Biden also attacked Trump for his perceived failures on job growth and manufacturing.

“There were only two presidents in American history with fewer jobs the day they left office than when they started. One was President Hoover and the other was Donald Hoover Trump,” he declared.

Biden declared that the “prior administration promised to revive manufacturing.”

“They failed,” he continued. “I’m not sure they tried, to be honest with you.”

Biden can lay out all the  smack talk he wants but it’s undeniable that the Trump days were far more stable across all socio-economic indicators — border security, crime, employment, and inflation. That was thanks to Trump’s pragmatic economic deregulation measures and commitment to border security. 

Anyone who can’t concede this is simply a political hack that’s living on a different planet.

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