Unhinged Race Hustler Al Sharpton Urges PayPal to Deplatform Phoenix Suns Owner Robert Sarver 

Reverend Al Sharpton, seasoned race hustler, is continuing his Jihad against Robert Sarver, the majority owner of the Phoenix Suns. 

Cindy Harper of Reclaim the Net reported that Sharpton sent a letter to PayPal CEO Dan Schulman urging him to have his company end its relationship with Sarver. As of late, Sarver has been accused of engaging in acts of racism, misogyny, and fostering a hostile work environment at the Suns franchise. 

Starting in the 2018-2019, the Suns and Paypal forged a multi-year partnership. The Suns jersey dons a PayPal logo as a result of this partnership.  

.“As someone who has dedicated my life to fighting injustice and speaking out against hate in all its forms, it is my duty and responsibility to call out such hypocrisy and to call on PayPal to uphold the values for which it proclaims to stand,” Sharpton declared in the letter.

“Mr. Sarver’s leadership has been riddled with credible allegations of racism, misogyny, and harboring a toxic work environment,” Sharpton added.

Sharpton called attention to how PayPal handed out $535 million towards black-owned businesses after the death of George Floyd. For Sharpton, it’s unfathomable how PayPal continues maintaining ties with Sarver, an individual allegedly accused of discrimination.

“PayPal has continued to do business with Robert Sarver and is now expanding its business relationship with Mr. Sarver internationally,” Sharpton said. “In light of these commitments, PayPal cannot simply ignore Mr. Sarver’s transgressions.”

“It is time for PayPal to put its money where its mouth is. Issuing a press release and writing a big check two years ago is not equivalent to doing the hard work that is required to achieve real change,” Sharpton continued.

Shartpon’s letter was run as a full-page ad at the Arizona Republic, which the American Sports Accountability Project (ASAP) paid for. ASAP has demanded the removal of Sarver as the Suns’ owner. 

The allegations against Sarver started last November after an ESPN report broke the story about his allegedly racist behavior. 

Sharpton is a race hustler par excellence. Where there are allegations of racism, he’s only seconds away from the scene. The reverend now has a juicy target in Sarver, a white owner in an increasingly wokified woke sports sector. For the woke crowd

Sharpton’s call for Sarver’s removal as the Suns owner is a sad sign of how overly-politicized our society has become. Hopefully, Paypal gives Sharpton the cold shoulder and continues going about its business, just like any normal business should do.

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