UNHINGED: Radical Leftist Screams at Gavin McInnes at a Baseball Game

At a recent Minor League baseball game, CRTV commentator Gavin McInnes was harassed by a radical leftist screaming “Hey Gavin, F***k You, F**k, F**k You!” His girlfriend Claire Ann Schapira then yelled, “NAZI!”

The man in question, Ben Faulding of North Baldwin, NY, posted a picture chronicling the harassment on Twitter before leaving the game.

He also tweeted out that a father in attendance told him he shouldn’t have been swearing in front of children, which in return Faulding told the man, “good I want them to see how we treat fascists.”

Big League Politics reached out to Gavin McInnes, who confirmed the authenticity of the Tweet.

“He was on the other side of the fence and I was in line. There were kids everywhere and he kept screaming ‘F***k You’ and laughing,” McInnes stated, “I thought he was an insane person trying to be funny – which I guess he kind of is.”

The baseball game that McInnes and Faulding were at was between the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Boston Lowell Spinners. Both of these teams are affiliates of their Major League equivalents, and their games are generally intended for a younger audiences. Children run the bases after the game and the Brooklyn Cyclones were even sponsored by the toddler cartoon Paw Patrol.

Despite the young audience, Faulding couldn’t help himself and felt it appropriate to scream obscenities in front of seas of children.

Gavin McInnes has never been afraid of controversy, but has never advocated for anything close to Nazism. He has long been a conservative voice who has been unafraid to take controversial opinions head-on. This has often led towards far-left activists and media figures misidentifying him as alt-right, and more nefarious forces calling him a fascist and Nazi because, well that’s what they do.

In contrast, Faulding does have radical views, self-describing himself as a socialist in his Twitter bio, and has proudly supported antifa activists. He recently made waves online for a story he wrote on supposed police brutality he faced at the scene of an armed robbery. His story, which could be easily dismissed as a misunderstanding in a wrong place, wrong time situation, was made into a story about he could have died at the hands of police. The article was published in the Washington Post, which seems to be his crowning journalistic achievement.

Faulding is seemingly unemployed (his most recent employer on record said he is no longer employed there), which isn’t rare for radical leftists, considering that studies show that most antifa members live at home with their parents.

The situation faced by McInnes is similar to a string of cases of left-wing harassment of Trump officials recently. While McInnes is not in the Trump Administration, he has long been a pro-Trump voice, pushing his message to a nationwide audience. This is the new norm of the left, harass anybody you disagree with for daring to have a different opinion.




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