Unhinged RINO Candidate Heidi St. John is Furious that Donald Trump Jr. is Popular

Heidi St. John is running for Congress in Washington’s 3rd District, in a primary race where President Donald Trump has endorsed America First candidate Joe Kent.

St. John had promised to drop out of the race if she did not receive President Trump’s endorsement. Instead, she is on the campaign trail channeling her fiercest Karen energy against the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

St. John asked, “What has he ever done for the country?” referring to Don Jr., and then answered her own question by saying “nothing.”

On Twitter, St. John received a thorough tar and feathering. Juanita Broaddrick called St. John’s rant “unhinged.”

St. John was also called out recently by Joe Kent for lying about his voting record and refusing to debate him before the primary.

St. John has apparently responded by…comparing Kent to Hitler.

Political analyst Ryan Girdusky has called for St. John to drop out of the race considering her poor poll numbers.

Big League Politics previously covered a disturbing report that St. John covered up sexual abuse claims to protect her homeschool business.

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