Unhinged Woman Pleads Guilty to Attacking Congressman Matt Gaetz

According to a report from CBS Miami, Amanda Kondrat’yev, the woman who threw a drink at Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, pled guilty on Thursday, August 1, 2019.

This incident took place on June 1, 2019 after Gaetz held a town hall event at the Brew Ha Ha restaurant in Pensacola, Florida. A video clip on Twitter shows Kondrat’yev, a one-time Democratic challenger of Gaetz, throwing a drink at him.

Amanda Kondrat’yev pleaded guilty to the charges and now faces up to one year in jail.

After this attack, police quickly arrested Kondrat’yev and later released her on a $1,000 bond. In a recent interview, Gaetz said that he would be taking legal action against Kondrat’yev.

Gaetz told Fox News Channel’s Hannity, “I had a circumstance just a few weeks ago where someone threw a drink at me leaving a town hall meeting. I am going to press charges.”

He added, “If there are no consequences laid out, then maybe it’s me getting hit with a drink one time, but what if it’s a member of my staff and what if instead of a drink it’s acid or urine? I think it’s really important to send a message that we as conservatives have a right to our views — just like anybody else.”

This incident transpired around the time of the infamous “milkshake” attacks on pro-Brexit candidates, which included Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Gaetz has been one of the fiercest defends of President Trump’s America First agenda.

He has stood up to legacy institutions who want the U.S. involved in reckless nation-building campaigns and has laid out a new foreign policy vision of restraint.

Gaetz has also defended the President from the D.C. establishment’s Russia collusion witch-hunt against him.

For that reason, Gaetz will earn a lot of enemies along his way.

Nevertheless, this shows he’s doing something right.

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