‘Unifier-In-Chief’ Hits LOWEST Approval Ever Just 5 Days After SCOTUS Ruling

President Joe Biden is not the unifier-in-chief Americans are supposed to believe he is. Instead, he continues to divide the nation with his rhetoric, while pushing hard for progressive policies the average family couldn’t care less about.

On Wednesday, just 5 days after SCOTUS overturned Roe, Biden plunged to his all-time low in the RealClearPolitics average, sinking below 38%.

This is the lowest approval ever, marking a monumental dip for the first time in the Biden presidency.

Moreover, Democrats thought that the recent SCOTUS decision would have energized its base, thus catalyzing a resurgence of support for the party. That did not happen. Even after Biden expressed deep disappointment in the outcome.

So now it appears that Biden has retorted to what he does best; gaslighting the nation while painting Republican leadership as the new “boogeyman” that ought to be avoided at all costs.

At the same time, the President is continuing to ignore the issues at the top of most Americans’ concerns – like skyrocketing gas prices, inflation, the Southern Border crisis, etc. – to push forth a radical Democrat agenda to gain support through social issues like LGBTQI+ rights and Pride Month.

When his administration is asked about important topics like rising consumer costs, reporters are often dismissed or redirected towards more “pressing matters” like gender transitioning children.

Biden has routinely called out Republicans for “bullying” members of the LGBT movement. Announcing that he will fight against “discriminatory attacks” and “extreme MAGA laws and policies” that have allegedly led to the high suicide rate amongst the community. Even though it is not clear what he is referring to by those comments.

The President’s constantly dropping approval numbers show that his priorities are in the wrong place and that they are not working. Voters care far more about the economy and their own pocketbooks than the latest social cause, and they are running out of patience for platitudes and empty promises that only end up hurting Americans.

Democrats know this, which is why they are moving away from the issues, and instead smearing Republicans however they can to fear-monger voters into electing blue. It’s a bold, last-ditch-effort strategy.

Americans have witnessed this failing administration botch the economy, run gas prices through the roof, destroy our Southern Border, divide the nation through grotesque rhetoric, and pass off blame for all the country’s problems onto foreign actors and the opposite side of the political aisle.

The Democrats have been on this path for quite some time now. But Americans are seeing right through their smokescreens and mirrors. The bill is coming due.

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