UNIPARTY Rule: Democrats Team Up With Republicans To Derail MTG’s Attempt To Remove Speaker Mike Johnson

On May 8, 2024, the United States House voted resoundingly to torpedo a move to remove Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House. Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene forced a vote on a motion to vacate after holding meetings with Johnson on two separate occasions earlier this week. These meetings were ostensibly held to discuss her demands and complaints with Johnson’s leadership as House Speaker. 

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, subsequently put forward a measure to table Greene’s motion to vacate. Democrats would then team up with Republicans to scuttle Greene’s motion by a 359 to 43 vote. Only 11 Republicans voted to proceed with ousting Johnson. 

House Democratic leadership previously promised to shield Johnson in the case that Greene attempted to remove him from the speakership. They specifically alluded to his willingness to help pass the $95 billion foreign aid package for Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine. 

When Greene introduced her measure to remove Johnson from his speakership position, she was joined by Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie. 

She cited several of Johnson’s failures to uphold a conservative agenda as one of the motives for her move to try to oust Johnson. She asserted that Johnson had “aided and abetted the Biden administration in destroying our country.”

One decision by Johnson that enraged Greene was his move to let a vote on a motion to kick out then-New York Congressman George Santos from the House. This resulted in the first time in American history that a member of Congress has been booted prior to receiving a conviction for a crime.

Greene also pointed to Johnson’s move to greenlight a $1.2 trillion government funding package after giving elected officials less than 48 hours to mull the decision, as mandated by internal rules. This monstrosity of a spending package was 1,000 pages long. 

On top of that, the Georgia Congressman called attention to how Johnson’s move to approve a multi-billion foreign aid package for Ukraine was brought about without any demands on border security, completely ignoring Republican concerns about border security. 

Greene was also perturbed by Johnson’s key vote to torpedo a warrant requirement for the reauthorization of the FISA bill. 

Indeed, a uniparty dominates DC politics, as evidenced by a bipartisan coalition being formed to keep Johnson in power. Nonetheless, even if Greene had been successful in removing Johnson, it’s likely his replacement would have been another establishment type. 

After all, Congress is a neocon, establishmentarian factory that just churns out these kinds of politicians on the regular. 

At the end of the day, there needs to be a full-blown America First takeover of Congress for there to be any meaningful in terms of public policy and the way business is being conducted. 

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