United by Radical Socialism, ANTIFA Terrorists and Kurdish Forces Fight Side-by-Side in Syria

Kurdish forces in Syria, called the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or People’s Protection Units (YPG) and then later re-branded as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have regularly fought alongside ANTIFA terrorists committing acts of violence throughout the Middle East.

ANTIFA has grown to become America’s most pressing terrorist threat, more dangerous than even radical Islam. But that hasn’t stopped the Kurds from welcoming ANTIFA into their ranks with open arms, giving them military experience that they can bring back to the West.

Former CIA Senior Operations Officer Brad Johnson has explained the bizarre alliance that has been hatched between ANTIFA terrorists and Kurdish forces. He believes that the ANTIFA terrorists trained by Kurdish forces may be relaying that expertise to U.S. domestic threats.

“Why really does ANTIFA does want a cadre of combat trained and experienced veterans, essentially, in their number? I mean, where are those guys all going now? I don’t think they’re there anymore. Have they all come back to the US? Are they spread around the world? Are they then now being used to train new recruits coming in?” Johnson asked.

The fake news media has produced propaganda in favor of ANTIFA thugs joining the Kurdish fight in Syria, painting the far-left terrorists as heroes for democracy.

One write-up in Rolling Stone even gave ANTIFA undeserved credit for helping to defeat ISIS:

The YPG are loyal to an imprisoned guerrilla leader named Abdullah Öcalan, a former Marxist who now espouses a synthesis of anarchism, feminism and ecology. After Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad pulled his forces from Rojava in 2012, the YPG took over security and started reorganizing society in accordance with Öcalan’s progressive ideals, which basically amount to a form of direct democracy based on universal participation in neighborhood councils, with every office jointly held by a man and a woman. Though mostly ignored by the mainstream media, Rojava became a celebrated cause to the millennial hard left, the sort of black-clad protesters you might have found at Occupy Wall Street or setting limousines on fire at Trump’s inauguration. At the same time, the YPG became the U.S. military’s closest ally on the ground in Syria; no other faction showed as much willingness and ability to take on the Islamic State and win…

But by mid-August, the Antifa Platoon had succeeded in clearing all of Hisham Abdulmalik, connecting the eastern and western fronts. At the time, Clark says, their attitude was, “OK, we got this done, now let’s keep pushing forward.” Only later would they have the chance to reflect on what they had accomplished. “There was no meaningful moment,” Franceschi says, no handshakes or ceremonies or flags. “It was just a military fact.” The last of ISIS was now surrounded, with no way out of Raqqa. “I thought our role would be political, symbolic,” Ballesteros says. “But we secured the whole south.”

The YPG’s two English-speaking press officers both died in Raqqa, and the U.S. military task force overseeing the anti-ISIS offensive, known as Operation Inherent Resolve, would not comment on the Antifa Platoon’s specific tactical role. A spokesman, Col. Thomas Veale, tells me that the task force “has been made aware of several Americans fighting with the SDF, but has no official relationship with these individuals.” However, a French filmmaker named Pedro Brito Da Fonseca was with the Antifa Platoon for three weeks in July and all of October, and he confirmed the broad outlines of their story, including the fact that they were the ones to link the eastern and western fronts, with crucial assistance from the Arab SDF.

Due to the Kurds being willing to harbor ANTIFA among their ranks, the far-left extremist group has conducted at least one terrorist firebombing in Turkey – in a move that undoubtedly angered their leader Recep Erdogan.

While the connection between the Kurds and ANTIFA may seem improbable, it makes sense when understanding the Marxist-Leninist history of the Kurdish forces.

The Kurdish PKK is an organization that formed as a Marxist-Leninist resistance faction that has sought to unite the Kurds, and targeted Turkey with acts of terrorist violence for over three decades that has resulted in 40,000 deaths throughout many decades. They are listed formally as a terrorist organization by the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Japan.

The fake news, Democratic Party, and neoconservatives in the GOP want U.S. troops to risk their lives to protect ANTIFA-affiliated Kurds in Syria.


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