United Nations Claims Censoring “Disinformation” and “Hate Speech” Will Protect “Free Speech”

The United Nations is jumping on the bandwagon to combat the alleged threat of online disinformation and hate speech. It did so at an event called Internet for Trust.  

One of the UN’s agencies, UNESCO, is setting up its own “guidelines” to regulate “hate speech” and “misinformation.”

Per an announcement, UNESCO detailed how it will take up the mantle of fighting hate speech: 

The internet and social media offer many advantages in the world today. But as we know and we have just heard, individuals are increasingly using it for disinformation. And the reality is they also propagate hate speech.

UNESCO’s global mandate includes the promotion of the free circulation of ideas through words and images. UNESCO has therefore decided to develop, through multistakeholder consultations, principles for regulation of digital platforms guidelines whose aim is to support the development and implementation of regulation procedures to guarantee freedom of expression and access to information while managing illegal contents and any contents that can be so harmful to democracy and respect for human rights.

The Regulation of Digital Platforms guidelines that UNESCO sets out has the main goal of managing what the US considers “illegal contents and any contents that can be so harmful to democracy and respect for human rights.”

Didi Rankovic of Reclaim the Net noted that the individuals behind the guidelines are excited to “support the development and implementation of regulation procedures” with the goal of “guaranteeing” access to information, and free speech. However, as Rankovic noted, these guidelines are all about managing whatever content is considered to be “illegal” or a threat to democracy and human rights. .

UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay declared that online regulation is essential:

The blurring of boundaries between true and false, the highly-organized denial of scientific facts, the amplification of disinformation and conspiracies – these did not originate on social networks. But, in the absence of regulation, they flourish there much better than the truth.

“Only by taking the full measure of this technological revolution can we ensure it does not sacrifice human rights, freedom of expression and democracy. For information to remain a common good, we must reflect and act now, together,” she added. 

Human freedoms are often destroyed under the pretext of “human rights” and other vague concepts. Tyrannical busybodies think they’re on a holy mission to protect the masses, but in reality they’re just embellishing a nefarious agenda that messes with the lives of otherwise peaceful individuals. 

It’s obvious at this juncture, but it still bears repeating: The US must pull out of the UN. 

This institution is antithetical to what America was founded on.

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