United Nations Passes Pro-Abortion Resolution for ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health’

The United Nations (UN) is holding firm when it comes to proliferating abortions throughout the globe, as they pushed through a measure in favor of “sexual and reproductive health” that tacitly endorsed abortion.

Irish ambassador Geraldine Byrne Nason muscled through a document during the Commission on the Status of Women in March to ensure “universal access to sexual and reproductive health-care services” for women in member states.

It was muscled through despite the fact that several delegates felt “bullied and harassed” by the leftist agenda of the globalist body.

“This is not acceptable,” Bahraini delegate Mohamed al-Faris said. “We urge [a] formal apology from the Commission.”

“I hear no objection. It is so decided,” the Irish ambassador said, completely ignoring the comment and pressing forward.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” an anonymous U.N. expert told the National Review about the proceedings, adding that Nason is a pro-abortion zealot who has “clearly dedicated her life and her work to advancing the abortion agenda at the U.N.”

Formerly, these types of measures had to be unanimous or they would be tabled or rejected. That is no longer the case with feminists like Nason in the saddle, as she and her cohorts are dedicated to pushing the abortion agenda regardless of any opposition.

“Although the United States was not a member of the Commission, we participated fully in negotiations participated fully in negotiations [surrounding the measure] and are sad to say the clear views of many delegations were not taken into account,” U.S. Ambassador for U.N. Management and Reform Cherith Norman Chalet said in a statement.

Chalet pointed to portions in the measure that retain “terms and concepts that remain controversial or unclear” particularly “sexual and reproductive health,” “health care services,” and “health services,” which she believes “have acquired connotations that promote abortion and attempt to create a claimed ‘right’ to abortion.”

“We do not recognize abortion as a method of family planning, nor do we support abortion in our women’s global assistance,” Chalet said. “The United States does not accept these terms as they often encompass abortion as a method of family planning.” The U.S. also took issue with the language on “comprehensive education and sexual and reproductive health information.”

Other nations to express concerns included Cameroon, Guatemala, Malaysia, Holy See, Mauritania, Zambia, Comoros, Bahrain, Russia, Sudan, Belarus, Djibouti, Libya, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Gambia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe.

As states such as Missouri, Georgia and Alabama take unprecedented measures to protect life, the UN goes in the opposite direction. The UN and other globalist bodies will never make it easy to protect life in the U.S. or elsewhere.

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