United Nations Report Claims That Exposure to Pornography is Not Harmful for Most Children

A report from the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has claimed that exposing children to pornography is not harmful to their psyche in most cases.

UNICEF came to their conclusion after analyzing a study of 19 countries inside of the European Union. The study claimed that most children exposed to pornographic images were “neither upset nor happy.” The study even claimed that 39 percent of Spanish children were happy following their exposure to pornography.

These findings are being used to justify more children being exposed to pornography. UNICEF is even considering another expansion of their definition of “human rights” to encompass the ability of children to access pornography. Christian opponents of pornography are crying foul at the latest globalist attempt to sexualize children and eventually mainstream pedophilia.

“UNICEF’s report ignores the vast body of research demonstrating the harms of pornography to children. By ignoring the real harms pornography can have, UNICEF is playing roulette with children’s health and safety,” said Lisa Thompson, vice president and director of the Research Institute at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

“Mainstream pornography contains horrific sexual abuse, rape, incest, racism – all of which children should not consume,” continued Thompson, adding that “UNICEF’s milquetoast assessment of the impacts hardcore pornography on children does nothing to challenge the political narrative that pornography is benign, and as a result, puts children in harm’s way.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the globalists have become more open about their desire to abuse children after the LGBT agenda spread like a plague across society:

The United Nations (UN) is issuing a directive to parents across the globe that they should respect the “sexual freedom” of their young children.

The Center for Family & Human Rights is shining light on a UN report claiming that “sexual expression” is part of the “interwoven fabric of children’s privacy.”

The report goes on to assert that “adolescents need to be able to make decisions regarding their well-being and bodies, and to safely and privately explore their sexuality as they mature, whether offline or online” and claims that “governments, commercial entities, health-care providers and other professionals, parents, and peers” are violating kids’ right to sexual freedom.

The UN wants children to be pumped with drugs, including birth control, taken to the abortion clinic without any parental notification, and denied therapy for gender dysphoria. They also do not want children to be shamed if they are engaging in dangerous sexual behavior with multiple partners…

The UN may be the most despicable entity on the planet, and they are at the forefront of mainstreaming pedophilia. The globalists are after the souls of the children.”

It is clear that the globalists are pushing the notion of child sexuality to create the basis to mainstream pedophilia. This agenda is satanic and will doom Western Civilization if it is not stopped.

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