United Nations Rolls Out Humanoid Robots for ‘Great Reset’ Propaganda Display at Geneva Summit

The United Nations (UN) is rolling out a display of futuristic, humanoid robots this week to push its Great Reset agenda during its globalist Geneva conflab.

One of the robots is named “Nadine” and has been developed to mimic human emotions and can remember people. This robot will be used to keep tabs on elderly residents. Nadine will be one of the robots taking questions from reporters at the ‘AI for Good’ event.

“The idea is to showcase their capabilities, opportunities and challenges to start a global dialogue on robotics for good,” said Frederic Werner, Head of Strategic Engagement, at the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.

“You have the inflection point where material science, battery life, network connectivity, AI and machine learning, all these things will converge to basically make robotics more accessible than they are now,” he added.

Some of the horrifying Orwellian nightmarish clips of the robots can be seen here:

While the United Nations paints a rosy picture of this AI takeover, these robots will in actuality be used to control humans and stifle their development under the demonic goals of the “Great Reset.”

Big League Politics has reported on the horrifying reality of the “Great Reset” that is being pushed by the technocratic elites at war with mankind:

The attacks on the family, middle class wealth and small business are not isolated. They are part of a coordinated attack to loot Americans, peonizing us and relegating us to a life of serfdom. They call it The Great Reset.

Despite the fact that we’re assured — what else? — fact checkers and experts have debunked this wild conspiracy theory, there is little doubt that the World Economic Forum, a powerful Soros-linked transnational NGO, is pushing for a radical realignment of the American economy.

But don’t take my word for it, they say it themselves: “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.” This, of course, raises the obvious question of who is going to be doing the owning in this future utopia-by-Amazon.

The answer boils down to “not you.” Rallying cries about Big Government can be a bit anachronistic when discussing the Great Reset, which will use not the Eternal Science of Marxism-Leninism as its lodestone, but good, old-fashioned crony capitalism and gangster finance…

The push for vaccine mandates and so-called “vaccine passports” are deeply troubling. But the medical fascism conducted under the auspices of COVID-19 must be understood for what they are: Part of a broader attack on the freedom of movement, an integral pillar of the Great Reset.

Any sensible person has figured out at this point that the nascent Chinese Bat Cough global police state has nothing to do with health. Neither do “vaccine passports” have anything to do with the vaccine. The purpose is to track and, if possible, tax your movement around the globe.

It sounds far-fetched, but the Biden Regime is already working toward getting you to pay every time you get in your car. Possible Deep State puppet Pete Buttigieg, as part of his largely ceremonial role as the Secretary of Transportation, has aggressively lobbied for a mileage tax that would cost Americans for moving and further drain wealth from middle America to the big coastal cities.

The move toward XaaS (everything as a service) likewise facilitates the move toward the Great Reset. You will not own a bed, you will subscribe to a bed service. You will not own a car, you will summon one with your phone. The point isn’t that the existence of material consumer goods makes one free, but how free can anyone be when they don’t own their own car — or their own bed?

Social media mobs and the Internet of Things provide a glimpse into the discipline mechanism of such a regime: You can be publicly shamed for noncompliance, while the owner of “your” property can remotely disable them if you step out of line.

Social credit scores are likely already here, we’re just not being told about it. Big banks are already depriving conservatives and patriots of their bank accounts. What’s to stop them from shutting off your fridge or your dialysis machine?

The Great Reset is nothing less than the greatest attack on human freedom in history.”

The dark future prophesized by the great science-fiction authors of the 20th century is being realized. Where is John Connor when you need him?

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