United States and Germany Plan on Imposing Economic Costs on Russia for Its Invasion of Ukraine

On March 4, 2023, United States President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced their desire to continue sanctioning Russia “as long as necessary,” the White House’s press service declared in a statement released following the two leaders’ discussions.

Biden and Scholz “discussed ongoing efforts to provide security, humanitarian, economic, and political assistance to Ukraine and the importance of maintaining global solidarity with the people of Ukraine,” the White House said.

“They reiterated their commitment to impose costs on Russia <…> for as long as necessary. The leaders also exchanged perspectives on other global issues,” the White House continued. 

A once-great civilization, Germany has consigned itself to becoming the US’s lapdog in the NATO proxy war against Ukraine. A combination of bone-headed green energy policies that have rendered Germany overly-reliant on Russia energy and its decision to join the ill-conceived sanctions war against Russia are now putting a once industrial powerhouse on the path to generalized economic decline. 

Those are the many pitfalls of a country aligning itself with the Globalist American Empire. For the GAE, all countries, even allies, are chess pieces that can be sacrificed at the snap of a finger. European countries like Germany are effectively sanctioning Russia to the last European citizen with 10 euros in their pocket, all while American liquefied natural gas exporters will be licking their chops at Europe having to rely more on their expensive products in the long-term. This entire process will result in an impoverished European continent that has to become more economically and military reliant on the US. 

Overall, a self-respecting country like Germany has no business in acting like a satrapy of the US. Instead, it should exercise its geopolitical options by giving the US the finger and exercising neutrality. 

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